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^ The new video she just released. It literally makes my skin crawl watching her try to be a child-like as possible while still being sexual. The fact that men are attracted to this shit and dole out thousands of dollars for it proves that they desire nothing more than to fuck children.

As for Bella herself, a lot of women try to say that she's so smart and is ~gaming the system~ but sorry, I just don't buy it. Whatever amount of money she's making will dry up the second she turns 30 even if she's still 'hot', because at stated before, men are pedophiles. And her online persona is so huge and easy to find that any potential employers can find her and most won't be willing to hire her because of it. So even if she's doing this "smartly" by saving and investing, she's still screwed. And of course that's just the best case scenario. Imagine if men just decided tomorrow that they weren't interested in her anymore. There would be nothing she could do about it. This is why you don't listen to libfems who say that sexualization is ~empowering~ and ~gaming the system~. True 'empowerment ' and 'gaming the system' would be something like a woman creating her own company and selling it for billions of dollars thus giving her the ability to do whatever she wants without having to give a shit about whether random men want to fuck her or not.

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Last year I was brutally assaulted & raped.

I was up to my neck in hospital bills & lost my job cause I couldn't go back to work due to PTSD.

It's been over a year & a few months later & I barely go outside. My whole life has changed. I don't feel joy anymore or plan for an optimistic future.

Prior to that incident I believed in some higher power that cared about me & kept me safe. I don't any more. No body supported me through my ordeal cause they blame me for what happened.

Everything in my life crashed. My job. My family. Friends. Got into my first abusive relationship. No matter how hard I try I can't see the silverlining. I feel constantly tired & alone. How could one man I don't even know wreck my life like this? It's so unreal.

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I’ve black pilled really hard today.

I just feel so incredibly sad.

How do you manage the grief?

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I never really started experiencing unpleasant things from men until I started drinking & dating.

Started drinking in college. The number one suppliers of alcohol as you guessed were men. I always thought dudes had alcohol rave parties for a good time. But now I look back & realise it was done to rape women. Hence why women always had to be present at their parties. Those dudes would get women piss drunk & rape them.

Post college I went on a mission to try find a stable boyfriend. Lord was I not ready for what met me. All the dudes I dated were the same & all coerced me to have sex with them. Love being their favourite tagline as a reason for sex. I never felt loved by any of them. Always felt used & stupid.

All the times I've been in bad situations with men or been raped. Alcohol was involved. With a person I was seeing as well as strange dudes I just met at a party.

Today I am a sober 20 something that encourages women to give up drinking for our own protection. Especially in public. It leads to poor decisions on our part & breeds room for men to molest & rape us. Let me drink & act stupid. We need to stay sober & stay aware & smart.

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I never really questioned that I was eventually supposed to have kids, but as an early 20s woman trying to figure out my future as I was exploring options I’m like “oh I can’t do that because then I’ll be 30”. I was thinking if I could handle the track of becoming a physician but then I was like “well I’ll be 32 after residency then it will be too late”. I don’t know what the fear of being “too late” is but I always felt even at 19 that I’m “too late”.

It seems the biggest factor/fear holding me back in life was surrounding birthing children and then I’m like fuck then the care will be another 18 years. Then it dawned on me and I was like, do I even want to birth kids? Not really.

It’s weird. Whatever women say is automatically up for debate. If a man disagrees she needs to be inboxed about it and told why she is apparently wrong. Never mind the fact the fact that nobody asked for his opinion.

I have another account I use and the amount of messages I’ve gotten from men trying to initiate debates with me about my opinions is hilarious. They all think I care enough about what they have to say to respond to them. I block them automatically, they’re all wasting their time typing novels to random women. Men think women have to engage with them no matter what. 😂

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I really just dont understand...is it just me or does it seem like a lot of black women are just obsessed with black men? I understand that women in general (no matter the race) have been conditioned to please men, but it just seems like the majority of black women take it to another level.

A lot of us ( I know not every black woman) will sacifice their daughters safety, other womens lives, even themselves for a man. Look at the statisitcs of sexual assault we have...the majority of us will be sexually assaulted before the age of 18 and everytime I say this black people just ignore it or use the," Your bitter" card. I couldnt even have a conversation about it in another subreddit without black women trying to gaslight me about it and call me bitter.

This black girl posted a video about how she was sharing a man basically, he hit her, put another woman over her several times, and she says shes still "friends" with him, instead of putting the blame where it belonged and blaming him she was talking about the other girl the entire video trying to clown her. She even said that she will show a picture of the other girl and was saying how ugly she is...mind you the situation she was talking about happened 4 years ago. In the comments she would get an attitude about anyone asking why shes still "friends" with someone that treated her like that and is bashing the other girl.

I commented on her video and asked why shes so upset at the other girl, but not her ex boyfriend that was supposed to be faithful for her. She just kept making excuses ans then tried to drag me...an internet stranger over a man that didnt care about her. I asked where is all the forgiveness for the other girl and basically said she sounds desperate for his attention she told me to go to hell...all of that for a man that doesnt even like her? Seriously? I wasnt even upset I was just getting second hand embarassment from her commenting. How does that make sense in her mind?

The weird part about it is that kind of behavior is normal in the black community. Most black woman want to take all of their anger and frustrations out on other black women and make excuses for black men. Why are the collective of black women just so crazy over black men..it doesnt make any sense to me...

All of these black women marching risking losing their lives, some of them are losing their lives over men that dont even care about them, but when I say something about it I get called bitter. This is one backwards ass community. Im really tired of seeing this shit.

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What do you think of these? Personally, I couldn’t imagine going down the path of dating-marriage-parenthood with a moid, but it seems that most women still do, even rolling into the 2020s. I just cannot grasp why women still want these things despite countless studies suggesting they’ll only be unhappier. I find it really difficult to relate to women obsessed with creating their own nuclear family.

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It's fucking disgusting and I don't understand why other women do this

men don't deserve any of this pleasure fuck patrarchy

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Some of mine are:

"The genius of any slave system is found in the dynamics which isolate slaves from each other, obscure the reality of a common condition, make united rebellion against the oppressor inconceivable" ~Andre Dworkin

this quote,succintly explains the whole patriachal system in a short summary..girls and women are isolated from each other through the patriachal traps of being a pickmesha,having stockholm syndrome,internal misogyny believing a)..."am not like other girls", b)..."women hate each other and are their own worst enemy blah blah" c)..."i prefer boys/men as friends because girls/women have more drama" d).."most men arent like that" << even when statistics prove the opposite..imagine being so delusioned you prefer the creepy,perverted,disgusting gender that has proven themselves through current times + past times

obsurering the reality of a common condition(the patriachy) by believeing that its right or 'doesnt exist'

indeed united rebellion against the oppressor is inconceivable,even simply being a radfem is a miracle considering feminism never was and still isnt supported by even 50% of our gender...anyway what's some of y'alls fav radfem quotes? :)

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The reason why men are winning is because they usually don't shy away from problems. In fact, they're actively looking for problems to study & solve. And even if they feel threatened, they won't back down easily.

The reason why woman are losing is because they usually retreat to safety when faced with problems.

And this sub? It's just another manifestation of that phenomenon.

Let's create yet another self-help "safe" space for women to retreat to! So we can TALK ABOUT OUR FEELINGS without feeling THREATENED by every little thing.

Let's continue to be irrationally scared of trannies in bathrooms! Let's not read what scientists have to say and use some basic logic, let's just feel SCARED.

Let's exclude men, obviously! All of them? Well - of course! Is that a trick question? Men are a threat!

Let's be pessimistic and just give up! After all, confrontation isn't fun, it's scary, isn't it?

It's over. Because of your own behaviour.

And now it's time to feel attacked and threatened by this topic. Quick, BLAME SOMEONE ELSE! Other women! Moids! Trannies! Make excuses! Do some YOGA. Mods, restore law & order! Please make me feel SAFE!

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Obviously, all women live with the fear for the total duration of our lives, and we all do a multitude of things to protect ourselves.

I know there are women who are never raped, but I also can't help but worry about it, despite whatever precautions I take. Being a lesbian and female separatist, I've already eliminated the biggest risk factor: dating, marrying, and living with a het male lover. I don't have male friends, either. Ideally, all of my female friends would be lesbians or otherwise separatist/perma-single, but even if I'm friendly with coupled het women, I avoid their men.

I'm interested in hearing from middle-aged and older women particularly. If you're younger but have anything to share based on what the older women in your life have said, I'm interested in hearing it too.

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Yesterday I was buying groceries and a men (60 -80 years old) was checking out a 7 year old girl.

She was with her mother and her (maybe 3 years older) sister. They didnt see a thing, but I was seeing him looking with his disgusting eyes up and down her butt/legs with this disgusting gaze in his eyes.

They have no shame.

I didnt want to cause a scene, because the girl was not seeing the man and I didnt want to scare her.

But I stared at the man with the most judgemental stare I had and saw him looking away, scared to even look up or do anything.

I hate so many men so much, they are all lusting after little girls and sometimes little boys.

However I feel like they think it is okay to look at little girls with this gaze. If they want boys they make it less obvious or girls are more it risk because most men are hetero.

If he can look away if I stare at him angrily because he is scared of me he can make himself look away because it is wrong and disgusting. Little girls dont want that.

I sometimes think girls have it so much harder then boys, they are naive and cant even find words for what old moids are doing to them.

When I was maybe 10 a old men (70 years old maybe) was eyeing me with this disgusting eyes, I will never forget that. It was up and down with this disgusting lust in his eyes.

What makes me hate men the most is the damn pedophilia. They don't wanna fuck women they wanna fuck girls. Because it damages them the most.

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Hello hello lovely ladies!

So over the last few weeks I’ve been on this sub, I’ve seen people share some seriously amazing tips, ranging from how to make your house safe when living alone to how to deal with aggressive men, and I recently saw some great advice on the STEM post that was submitted recently!

In another post weeks earlier, someone and I were talking about how we wished there were more tools and ways to teach women resilience, so I wanted to see if we can make one of our own!

You ladies have been such a wonderful source of information for me, so I was wondering if people would be interested in putting together a Blackpill Bible of sorts of how to survive and thrive as a Blackpill woman in this world? As someone that’s kinda new to blackpill and has a lot of growth to do before I’m as confident and strong as some other women on here, I think it would be a super helpful resource.

The topics I’ve seen have been:


-self defense

-tech knowledge

-relevant laws for safety/rights

-hobby ideas

-how to stand up for yourself

-general things to be aware of

-how to live alone

-mental health resilience when faced with depressing reality

If anyone else is interested in this or if you guys had any other ideas for topics or any knowledge to contribute, please let me know! I was planning to add it all to one fat google doc or something, but if anyone has better ideas, please comment or message me.

i just found this out and couldn't help but laugh at how absurd this is. i always think i can't be surprised anymore but since this instance is so personal to me, it really got me.

i stopped an attempted rape last year during a surprise party my friends and family put on for me. since my friends invited their own friends, i didn't know some of the people there super well. there were some men there, which i didn't like, so i didn't drink. let me just say, i'm not speaking to any of these "friends" anymore after this. a woman at the party (i don't know her very well but i saw her on occasion) was hammered, probably the drunkest i've ever seen her. i had a feeling that something was wrong after everyone was leaving and it got quiet, when i was sitting a couple rooms over. female gut instinct i guess.

sure enough, i go into the kitchen, woman is half naked, slurring her words, barely able to stand. kitchen wreaks like alcohol. i see sleazy dude standing in front of her, dead sober, obviously instructing her or coercing her, something. she didn't even know him. i snapped, which was stupid since i'm literally five feet tall and couldn't do shit, and i tell her to pick up her clothes, put them on, and leave the room immediately. i was already very nervous because i'd never been in that situation before and i didn't want it to escalate. then i tell him to get his shit and get out, that the party was over because i was going to bed.

he starts screaming, throwing things, calling me a cunt and a bitch, saying i was insane and he did nothing wrong. i get angrier and tell him to leave right now before i got the bat from the closet, because my temper sucks. he throws more shit and slams the door in my face after calling me a cunt one more time, i lock all the doors and windows after i watch him get in his car and leave. i went to bed shaking because i couldn't believe that almost happened two rooms away from me, and the fact that this man was threatening me in a way i've never dealt with before, and that i was also alone with no back-up to handle it with me. happy birthday to me.

today i just found out from my aunt that the woman i helped took the man out for a coffee (she saw them), and apparently they talk now, about eight months later. i haven't heard from her since that night, since i assumed she might've been embarrassed that i saw her like that, or maybe she felt like i was chastising her when i told her to put her clothes on and go to bed, and it hurt her pride because i'm much younger. i guess i was wrong, i don't know what she was thinking. i don't get it. i still have fucking nightmares about that night.

i'm at a loss for words here, or some kind of wrap up for this. that shit traumatized me and i'm very confused. there's absolutely no hope for women. that's all i can say.

Or does anyone ever think i wish i had/saw a group of black women who were successful and relentless about it he same way Asian groups are? Does anyone ever wonder where black women would be if we stopped caring about black men/white women/ etc. And jusg cared about ourselves.

I’m tired so I’ll just let the link speak for itself. As far as I know this just started trending a couple of hours ago, so it’s going to be huge.

Another case of black men OVERTLY letting dark skinned black women know that they see you as absolute trash.


Just take it how you will, I’m out of words.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the first thing she said after she climbed out of the dumpster where they deemed she belongs was “I LOVE BLACK MEN. BLACK TRANSWOMEN MATTER. STOP HURTING OUR BLACK BROTHERS!”

No words.

I will say that I am slowly starting to see more and more black women wake up. Maybe this will peak more.

You know it’s funny... the more I hate men the more I find myself actually hating women.

I’m starting to think that the majority of women exist to be exploited.

Can I really blame men? Yes, I can blame them for attacking lesbians. We want nothing to do with them.

But can I blame them for the way that they treat heterosexual women?

Well let’s see. Why should bi and hereto women (who choose to have sex with men) receive respect from anyone?

You let men put their penis inside you. That is disgusting.

You carry around their disgusting, smelly, rotten semen in your vag. That is gross.

Why the fuck would I respect you when you let yourself get violated that way?

Don’t get me wrong, I like penetrative sex with women. I love strapons, taking and receiving. But when two women are sex partners things are equal and clean.

Having sex with men is disgusting, demeaning, and degrading for anyone who does it.

This is why gay men and straight women are shamed for having sex. You have to be perverted to be attracted to males.

Straight men are seen as “scoring” when they have sex, because they have scored a point against the female sex by bringing a woman down to their level.

Men can never “win” (maleness means inherent loss), but they can certainly cause a woman to lose.

And then you have lesbians. We are the winners. We win, because our love is pure, and who we love is pure. So the sex is both great physically and morally. And men hate that.

But back to the subject...

I can’t force myself to care about straight women anymore.

If someone was at a zoo and they purposely kept jumping into the lions den you’d think they were nuts, right? Well that’s what straight women are.

At this point I don’t blame pornographers or pimps (as long as they don’t involve children).

Women want to be exploited, so you might as well make money off of it.

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Men can be as fat, ugly, and old as ever, and no one ever abuses them for it. I get that we need specific language for specific issues, but men are not systemically being oppressed for any of these things, so it’s inaccurate to give them a gender-neutral slant. There’s a reason men don’t give a shit about “body positivity.” it’s because they have “dad bods” while women are cows, heffers, and whales. No one is refusing men who are qualified for jobs because they aren’t pleasing to the eye. No one is pretending like old men don’t exist because they’re past a certain age. All of this is just misogyny, plain and simple. So let’s start naming it for what it is.

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While I don't think a huge movement to liberate women will ever work in the long run, I do try to de-program myself from female socialization for my mental health and well being. Does the blackpill involve de-female socializing yourself, or do they not see a point in it?

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You can already guess the point I'm trying to make. You need to know what the hell is going on around you and how the world works in order to have control over your life and not have it in the hands of somebody else, in this case, men.

Women need to get more into STEM otherwise they'll not only lose power even more, but as I said, they'll lose control over their lives too.

You like the things you are good at, and you can get good at STEM, doesn't matter if you were discouraged or were bad at it at school, there are lots of free sources online to learn it from.

Drop that cursed social network that is Instagram, quit it with the selfies and quit it with wasting time watching bullshit IG stories and start to actually take advantage of the huge power technology has given you.

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In the past I've subconsciously internalized the concept of "separatism" before finding this sub or this type of philosophy (so you can probably imagine my surprise when I found other like-minded women here). I'm currently on my way to getting a STEM degree so my plan for a while has been to find a place to live off the grid/on my own while I work a high paying job. I don't want to rely on just working a 9-5 for money, so what are some other ways to make money? What are your plans for separatism, and if you're already living this way, how did you get there?

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I would really appreciate it people could tell me what’s going on here please this would help a lot

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i like jojoj its my favorite aanime its realy fun

As the title says, my deceased grandfather molested my mother her entire childhood. Her mother knew but never stepped in to stop it. My mother has always had an extreme idealized view of men from this. Even as a child I noticed how she idealized the male gender, and how much better she'd treat my older brother, how she'd talk about her dead father with an adoration beyond years. My father revealed to me that the man was incredibly sexist, short-tempered, and had been cheating on my grandma for years before she passed suddenly when my mother was 15. And a year right after, he got their neighbor next door pregnant. My mom chose to 'forgive him' for everything. Y'all should hear how good she talks about that man. She says she learned how to be jealous because her own father was possesive towards her mother. She goes out of her way to proudly claim how one time when she bought birth control to put in her shampoo, she had to open it up in front of him and crush the pills to get them in the bottle. This man touched her sexually every night for YEARS. My mother put the livelihood of her children at risk for dick. She cannot live without men. She worships the heck out of them.

Now she wants me to forgive my father who was extensively abusive, including sexually, (which she knows) because I 'actually have him alive' and she forgave her fucked up dad so I also can, right?

I hate her. I hate men. I will not bow down to that sperm donor, even less my incubator who should've never been a mother. I never met my grandfather but I am glad he's dead. My father could also be for all I care.

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Long ago I noticed something about the way men and women discuss gender dynamics and how they either take on, or shirk off responsibility.

A white moid I worked with would always deflect whenever I talked about the destruction moids wreak in society, and the world at large (of course I was more careful with my language, but I'd go in nevertheless).

He'd always say these things were specific to my "community" (I'm black) and that it was unfair to categorize men based on my cultural perceptions and experiences of men of my race. Can you fuckin imagine?

And that's when the penny dropped for me. Moids dont see men of other races as human. Or at least not as human and "normal" as they are. You see this with euro moids who think Arab immigrants invented rape. "rapefugees" etc etc. As of no woman was ever raped in their lands until those subhumans came.

And don't get me wrong, some scrote cultures are worse than others, but if culture were the determining feature for these behaviours, we'd have seen a rape and violence free society by now. But of course this doesn't and will never exist, bc they're biologically wired to to do rape, murder, dominate and abuse. No amount of "enlightenment" or western education can deprogram a scrote from his sadistic tendencies.

They actually racialize crimes to compartmentalize themselves from the guilt. Ethnic men tend to pretend sexual deviancy is a white trait. Pedos, animal fuckers and kinksters are a "white" man thing. They all do this to each other. But I rarely ever see women pretend that a bad quality is unique to one particular race of woman.

All of the bad things moids associate women with - gold digging, prostitution, lying about rape, using a man for his resources etc. We don't pretend these are racialized acts. Even if it's something I would never in a million years do, I don't look at handmaidens and think that women of my own race never do those things, to feel better about myself.

But moids do it all the time. If they were to take accountability as a collective for the hell they've made this earth, I don't think they could bear it. So they blame each other along racial lines instead as a cope. That's how they're able to live with themselves.

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I know the definition of "black pill" is that all hope is lost and the future will be dystopian.

But is it really that bad? I think the solution is to accept reality and simply focus on female separatism.

Keep away from men (and women who support men) much as possible. It will be hard to separate from family members and co-workers, but just try to minimise and disengage as much as possible, live frugally and minimalistically, and aim to live independently. Be educated, save up, and invest. Maintain freedom and personal autonomy.

If you do this, you will be shielded from the chaos. You will construct your own bubble or fortress in which you can live a happy and peaceful life, and once you are comfortable and safe in your bubble, you should try to teach other women to see the truth. You should empower them as well and guide them to become free and independent.

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Unless it's something that actually proves us right or something relevant.

But posting screenshots of men just calling us incels, cringey, toxic or retarded.. All it does is make it look like we're upset about what they say about us. They get off to the attention and knowing we're talking about them.

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I’m certainly not a cop lover, but at least they are some sort of barrier between men and women.

What happens when cops are defunded and there aren’t as many around?

Will libfems and pickmes become black pilled once their boyfriend beats them and they find out the cops can’t make it because they’re too busy and they’ve been defunded?

At this point straight women are actively working overtime to destroy women.

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This is a legit question. No trolling or etc. I just want to know, because I find your ideas... quite interesting. No, I do not agree with you. In any of your points. But I am trying to be more open and have contact with different ideas (even though they are really radical at least for me). So... why are y'all on this sub?

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Including myself.

So much of liberal choosey choice feminism is just a giant cope for patriarchy. So much is just making excuses for why they continue to engage with and obey the system that oppresses them.

If you want to be a whore, be a whore. If you want to waste your money on $35 makeup products and $300 handbags go for it. But stop pretending someone is forcing your hand, or that these things are empowering.

Because in the modern world you can literally choose to do differently and yet you don't.

Just admit you're not interested in changing this system. So many women are too afraid to even disobey the smallest social rules, let alone overthrow patriarchy. It's ridiculous.

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I tried having a conversation with my mother about GC and Blackpill feminism. It's crazy how far some Women are willing to go to defend Men. I tried explaining my distrust and apprehension regarding Men and she wouldn't hear any of it.

I want all my female members to be smart and to be safe, but it's like talking to a brick wall.


I have nothing to say other than that it’s sad. Hopefully this will be a lesson to both Black and white women.

Black men don’t give a damn about any of us. They worship white men and white supremacy. They will gladly use the Black woman as a stepping stone to get to white women, and they will use white women as a stepping stone to get to white men.

But then when they figure out that straight white men don’t want them and their homoerotic fantasies will never come true, they kill both white women and Black women.

Call me crazy, but it’s reality. Black males are the worst of the worst. If they had the same intelligence/power as white men this world would be beyond unfashionable, which is saying something.

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so i’ve always hated men lol for obvious reasons but i stumbled across this sub during quarantine and you all confirmed everything i’ve feared about men’s nature. i used to think i was a psycho or something was deeply wrong with me for hating men so much and not feeling any empathy towards them but now i realize i’m not alone and i have every reason to feel this way.

browsing through this sub i truly believe we’re fucked and nothing will ever get better in the world as long as men are still alive and in power and this is so depressing and hard to accept. i’m a really emotional and compassionate person so knowing that the world will never change and that i can never help make it change just makes me wanna die not gonna lie because what’s the point in being alive you know

do you girls have any tips for me to cope with this because it’s really bringing me down and there’s no one in my life i can talk to about these things, all my friends already think i’m too radical and extreme and my family is muslim a.k.a. they believe in possibly the most misogynistic fucked up religion so i don’t have anyone at all

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I'm tired of all the late teens/20s girls who post about how older men do it better, praising older men, and saying they prefer them over "boys".

I find it really creepy because I remember talking to a guy once who told me that women lose fertility/value with age and I said so do men, but he started gloating about how women prefer older men and showing me an article of it.

Pickmes stroke the egos of older men so much and talk about how great older men are.

It just gives men this sense of entitlement and bragging rights about how women prefer them so much. It's annoying and I wish it stopped but I know it won't because most women are such pickmes who will keep doing this.

Submitted by Datingispointless on June 15, 2020, 1:36 p.m. 6 points | 21 comments

I am absolutely not sorry.

As far as I am concerned ANY woman who would willingly be with a man is criminally insane. Yes, criminally.

I give slack to women back in the day because they were forced to be with men. But even then they didn’t want to have sex with them because they knew that maleness was disgusting.

These days women take semen from all manner of degenerate men into their bodies and actually believe it has no affect on them.

I honestly believe semen rots women’s minds.


Stupid BLM protester protests for black men and black trannies. Now she has turned up dead... a black man has killed her. And Black women want the cops (the same cops they want defunded) to avenge her!!!!!

This is my entertainment and comedy at this point. 😂🤣😂

And don’t get me wrong, straight women of all races are absolute jokes.

So I sit back and laugh. 🤷🏽‍♀️

As long as misandrist lesbians and children aren’t hurt, I’m good.

Sorry, not sorry. I’m done pretending to give a shit about cum dumpsters (straight and bi women).