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So how do I start this???.....well. currently, I'm between the ages 16-18 right now. I have a boyfriend, and I live in Texas.

My parents have been involved in a cult as I would like to call it. But it was like LDS church. It is a church of pedophiles, women censorship, degrading, dehumanizing. As girls, we are taught to be pure and virgins until our husbands can "deflower us", and that we should have as much children as we can. We were taught to cook, clean, and take care of our "husband's" sexually from age 12-marriage. I remember girls who would get their periods are put on a list or monitored for who should be married to the next man, who already has about 7-10 wives.

I hated to think that I would have to get married. But the thing was, I couldn't have my period. I was a late bloomer so I had mine at 14. I cried every night. I was paired with one of the churches biggest families. I won't say names due to my identity. But he had about 10 wives. I was going to be his 11th. He already has 28 children. Lemme say about ....2 weeks till my marriage, I was meeting some of the girls I was friends with who were already married. They told me stories. The HORROR. It's basically modern day slavery....but hidden with religion.

Fast forward....My wedding day arrived. I was this 14 year old girl who just figured that her body bleeds every month. It wasn't even two months since I had my period I was to be married. Worst, I had to bare children. So in the ceremony, I had to be quiet at all times. For some reason the bride's weren't allowed to talk and had to be in submissive nature. The marriage was a market. I was being sold like cattle to the highest bidder. My husband was 52.....I felt cheap and I felt as if my life didn't or wasn't worth much.

The wedding night/ consumation was going to take place whether or not I agreed. There, girls on their periods is a taboo, so that was my tool. I was told to prepare for my own rape that night. There was to be a white cloth under me where my husband would rape me. I wasn't going to let that be my fate in my life. I wanted to do more. So I told him I was on my period. Therefore he couldn't consumate me till another 7 days. I had to cook, clean, etc. Btw just because he didn't cosumate me vaginally, doesn't mean he didn't force me to touch him.

At this point I was going to end my life. But there was a will that I kept going on. So fast forward, I had to go shopping for food at a near town. So I left. The driver and I became really good friends. So I told him that I wanted to escape. This is VERY COMMON in this cult for girls to escape. So it was about 5 days in my fake period cycle, and I needed to go. So I got a couple of my friends. And we all " went to the store ".

From there we left. I left my family, and my almost assulter.

I want people to know this type of things are in America, and this is my story. I have an aunt who I live with now, and my life has started anew. There are many high power pedophiles In the cult. Women need more rights than ever before. I'm one of thoes girls in the land of the free and the home of the brave, fighting for their lives.

Thank you if you read my life story. I didn't mean for it to be graphic. I'm currently in highschool and a cheerleader yay. So I guess my life has changed for the better

I was advised to post my story here, so I listened. Here it is.