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Submitted by sk8erboi1985 on June 28, 2020, 4:49 p.m. 4 comments

White bisexual female here. How do you feel about this? I get the feeling that the trans community (bc lets be honest it isn’t LGBTQ anymore... it is TQ) is minimizing black issues by doing this, and putting trans issues on the same level as hundreds of years of systemic racism against black people.

Submitted by hugzboson on June 28, 2020, 2:31 p.m.

(Thank you for allowing me to crosspost this u/fickleherring)


Does anyone follow "Our Lives Matter" on facebook? She collects and documents information about Black women and girls murdered in the US. I had noticed that I have not been seeing posts from her lately, and just saw this today:

"Many people have been contacting me as to why I have not been posting. The answer is simple: Facebook has deemed the posts on this page as spam. According to Facebook, posting about BW and BGs who are victims of violence seems to go against their community standards. Yet those same standards allow posting after posting about BM and BBs who have fallen victim to police brutality ad infinitum. It is time to call them out on this practice of gender erasure as well as racism when it comes to not allowing postings about BW and BGs who are victims of horrific violence not only by LE but a great majority of time by BM and BBs within their own communities. Facebook doesn't silence pages or posts that show BW and BGs being abused, degraded or defamed though. Why are those posts and pages allowed to exist and continue with reckless abandon?

BW have been fighting for our humanity since the 1800s and on a broader scale since the early 1900s. Now we are in the 21st century and the beat goes on. Why does social media, the MSM, SJWs as well as liberal politicians only see BM and BBs as victims of violence? Why are BW being silenced when we attempt to show what is happening to us within our own communities by those that look like us? What narrative is really being pushed on the general public and why? What is the end goal?

While I have not abandoned the mission for BW and BGs, Facebook is definitely silencing the voices of those who dare to speak about the reality faced by us.

Share this post to get the word out that Facebook is unfairly targeting not only this page but any page or forum that dares to speak the truth in favor of BW and BGs.


Submitted by celestialpi on June 28, 2020, 1:44 p.m. 11 comments
Annoyed that it needed to be said but glad it was Racism/Misogyny/Racist Misogyny
Submitted by margiejamison on June 27, 2020, 5:11 p.m. 5 comments
Submitted by sendimmediately on June 27, 2020, 1:58 p.m. 19 comments

Has anyone come across these channels? I just found out they existed this week and I find them disturbing:

How to be more feminine

8 Examples of FORCED & Overdone Feminine Style & Behavior! (effortless femininity secrets)

How To Become More Attractive || A Feminine Impression

They exist for women in general but there has been an explosion in popularity among black women. They claim to be like "virtual finishing" schools to teach black women to project feminine in order to find a well off man to marry.

I understand that the racial politics behind this have to do with black women being told that we are lesser than other women because we are naturally "masculine." It upsets me that instead of working to do away with these patriarchal, eurocentric ideals, a growing number of black women are trying to conform to them even moreso than before.

I feel like so many women are going backwards. The idea of finding a man to provide for you financially seems to be coming back in popularity.

Submitted by dustyboobs90 on June 27, 2020, 1:10 p.m. 5 comments

I'm a lesbian so it means I thankfully am not attracted to men, whatever their race...but I do feel for my straight sisters for having to deal with this in dating and relationships too.

All cultures are in some degree misogynistic. That much is obvious, but I'm SEAsian and it's a lot more overt than it is in the west.

My own father growing up said he wished for boys instead of the two girls he had, and he is relatively westernized. I dont know what my relatives back from our country would say but I don't want to know. That was the first taste of misogyny from a man of the same race as me.

The boys I knew growing up aligned themselves with "hip-hop culture" despite not being black, but would openly dismiss and insult black women and dark skinned women of our race and would always be dating my friends who were light skinned or white. Since I was out pretty early they largely didn't bother me, but the men on the street did.

We lived in a mixed race neighborhood and it seemed men from every race were disgusting to my friends and I, but white men were the least terrible. That doesn't make me trust them any less, since they are the ones who shape the world to be so racist and sexist. But the overwhelming majority of the men who harassed, assaulted and raped the girls of my group were non-white men.

Reconciling this with the fact that fighting racism means banding together with the men who hate us is really hard. This is a pretty obvious point I know. But I've grown increasingly resentful at how we are at the very bottom when it comes to the priorities of literally everybody.

Where I'm from, abortion is illegal. Rape is rampant and nobody cares. Western men come to buy our girls and women and the men there gladly hand them over like merchandise. Even our brothers here in the west treat us as second class.

I know this seems like more of a rant, but I figured you may be able to relate. How do you reconcile this and keep fighting?

Submitted by Bad_Girl_Lala on June 25, 2020, 10:33 p.m. 26 comments

Disclaimer- I'm no fan of the police, but I dont think all this defund/abolish the police stuff makes any sense.

It seems like the running consensus from defunders/abolishers is to send social workers instead. One of my first thoughts was, aren't most social workers women. I looked up the stats and sure enough the stats I could find say that 83% are. When people think of social workers, they instantly think of some caring woman who comes to help you with your problems. This is the solution defunders/abolishers (usually far left) want- women to come in, be nice and helpful and save everyone. And nobody even seems to care about how dangerous this would be for "social workers."

Submitted by celestialpi on June 24, 2020, 11:39 p.m. 1 comment
Submitted by merinaspic on June 24, 2020, 5:11 a.m. 19 comments

i came across this quote the other day and wondered what you guys thought. on one hand, it seems deeply racially insensitive to compare men doing drag to white people doing blackface; on the other hand, i can see the point they're trying to make, i.e. that when women have been objectified, sexualised and oppressed for centuries (albeit in a completely different way to black people), it's offensive af for men to turn around and dress up as women and present a caricature of womanhood on stage. would love to know what you guys think about this. i guess another complicating factor is that drag is often done by gay men, who are another marginalised group. do you think that makes any difference? we know that gay men aren't exactly immune to misogyny, so i'd be reluctant to say that they can do what they want just because they're marginalised (along a different axis).

Submitted by LoudAdeptness_2 on June 21, 2020, 8:59 p.m. 5 comments

a quick way to understand the ethnic division in Pakistan and its issues is to look at the major political parties

First you have to understand what Pakistan was supposed to be, The Idea of Pakistan was started by a small group of upper class, Urdu speaking Muslims, who envisioned a enlightened Islamic republic where everyone will be equal and people would give up there ethnic identity, language and culture over time, almost immediately when Pakistan was created it was wrapped with ethnic violence, sectarian violence, military takeovers and two attempted ethnic genocides(one done on a state level from the top down and one done by mobs and death squads)

every party in Pakistan is quasi or outright an ethnic based party in all but the name

so while the Pakistan People's party(PPP) officially claims to be a democratic Islamic socialist party, its a party overwhelmingly supported by rural Sindhis who only want to be left alone, free from the government

similarly the Pakistan Muslim League(PML) claims to be moderate Islamic republican party, its a party supported by Punjabis of all social classes and its representative members are all Punjabis

these 2 are the oldest and largest political parties with in Pakistan but many other smaller ones have made an impact

the MQM is infamous with in Pakistan, the Muhajirs are a unique people group with in Pakistan, Muhajir is an Arabic term which can mean immigrant or refuge, it was never supposed to be a ethnic designation but it became one, Muhajirs were Muslims who fled primarily from the regions of Utter-Padesh, Bihar and other central Indian Muslim provinces to start a new life in Pakistan and at the start they had it pretty good

they quickly took a good chunk of the new government and factory jobs, they were more educated then the majority of the population of Pakistan and they could speak Urdu( which was not native to Pakistan, barely anyone could speak it but was chosen as the national language)

what happened next was that resentment against them grew, everyone blamed the foreign muhajirs for there problems, didn't help that muhajirs stood out in Pakistan with there slightly darker skin tones and so hate attacks them against them crew, lynchings, targeted rape and mob attacks on muhajir communities

this turmoil and abuse led to the creation of the MQM the Muhajir Qaumi Movement, a Muhajir nationalist group that served as a defense squad for Muhajir communities, they were violent, had a number of torture cells with in Karachi and often would dish out the same abuse they suffered, the ANP (A pashtun nationalist party) and the PPP worked together to eliminate them, this led to civil war with in the city of Karachi, where ethnic paramilitary death squads were killing each other and civilians

eventually the Army had to be called in and thankfully things came to a rest

even now these ethnic parties exist and people vote based primarily on the race of the representative they're voting for

Submitted by Bad_Girl_Lala on June 21, 2020, 3:06 p.m. 27 comments

We literally can't talk about anything social justice related without trans being thrown in. It's constantly piggybacked onto LBG, race, and feminist issues. They've ruined the entire concept of intersectionality and privilege. It makes the left look ridiculous. We can't even talk about abortion bc they're too busy arguing that we can't say women. When people say Black Lives Matter, they go and say Trans Lives Matter. I think I even saw some flag that incorporates LGBTQ and BLM. We can't talk about any issues bc trans has to be centered all the time. Trans activist have no idea how they come across to people not heavily into the gender community, and I don't think they even care. One guy I know told me that LGBTQ are bullies and he's over it. After probing, turns out its the TQ. I think this is how a lot of people are starting to feel, and since TQ is piggybacking themselves on literally every social justice movement, I'm worried that it will cause more and more allies to be disaffected and turn to the right. I'm already at the point where I don't want to be associated with the left and I just call myself apolitical IRL. TRAs literally are the slippery slope people said would happen and as someone with left/progressive values, I have no argument against it. Watching it is like watching a train wreck in live action, but I'm on the train just bc I'm Black, a woman, and working class.

What do you guys think? Do you think social justice in general is going to get a huge backlash bc of trans activism?

A spit in the face to bw Racism/Misogyny/Racist Misogyny
Submitted by basegoddess85 on June 19, 2020, 5:44 p.m. 23 comments

Bw have you encountered TRAs who tell you all about the trans plight and tell you “we’re sisters” but in the same breath tell you how masculine you are? Or argue with you when you tell them “hey it’s racist to compare black women to men”? I’ve had TRAs argue me down that they have the right to use bw as talking points because we’re so similar. How do they not see they double down on their misogyny with misogynoir?

Submitted by celestialpi on June 19, 2020, 5:07 p.m. 5 comments
Submitted by margiejamison on June 19, 2020, 3:28 p.m.
Submitted by margiejamison on June 18, 2020, 10:29 a.m.

Thanks, Burkina Faso, for requesting this discussion of racially based human rights violations. https://www.ungeneva.org/en/news-media/press/taxonomy/term/175/60173/human-rights-council-resumes-its-forty-third-session-and

now I want to say first that beauty standards around the world are bullshit and I don't want any type of woman reading this to become discouraged if she posses any of these traits. this post was made as just an observation regarding the inconsistency of Eurocenric beauty standards

this was something I noticed both in Pakistan and abroad in Europe, I have always felt that white women being the standard of femininity made little sense cause they perhaps they have the most stereotypically masculine associated traits then any other type of women

They have square jaws, no natural-arch in their brows, thin lips, and square faces, On average a white female grows more body hair then a African and East Asian males

my husbands female relatives are harrier then many men I know, many of my Scottish female friends have jawlines squarer then most Pakistani men I know

I have made a post regarding Pashtun women who look identical to most white women and how they are stereotyped as masculine and ugly by Pakistani men who at the same time lust after White European women

Submitted by margiejamison on June 17, 2020, 9:29 a.m.
Submitted by sendimmediately on June 17, 2020, 4:24 a.m. 13 comments

or when these self described woc say that they’ve seen too much derision against white people on gc (someone actually said this).

i’ve also noticed that most of the woc on gc who claim not to see any racism are non-black poc. i think we need to reconcile with racism from radfems AND anti-blackness from non-black poc.

Ex-muslim women Question
Submitted by PocketCarcal on June 17, 2020, 1:37 a.m. 8 comments

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry to take away attention from things that are happening in USA, but I am just hoping to find like-minded women.

I noticed that ever since leaving islam my social circle of people who could relate to my experiences became almost non-existent - most women who left islam prefer to be silent about it, and I can understand them. However it does feel pretty lonely when I try to deal with people who dont understand the struggle.

Ex muslim community here on reddit is, sadly, riddled with males. Their point of view is toxic, especially towards women. I saw several people there outright stating "yeah, I got out, but my women will still have to conform cause I like it this way", it makes me sick.

The only ex-muslim girls subreddit I found was suprise! a porn subreddit. I am sick of it. I wish we had a place where we could freely communicate. Are there any women like me here?

Submitted by FINNitili on June 16, 2020, 10:21 a.m. 18 comments

I've been anxious for the last few months. The political situation in Europe is tensing up. Corona virus, new Euro crisis, and the BLM are adding fuel to the fire. Some people have predicted that there will be civil war in Europe within the next 20 years.

I'm suspecting the future conflict will be about Islam. Europe will be split in half in the muslim issue. Many locals feel the muslim migration as a colonising force but some are happy to "help" even the most extreme islamists. We are kind of letting the muslim men lead this operation. Europeans have made very little effort to actually help muslim or ex-muslim women. Also we have absolutely zero ideas how to deal with the extremists.

If things go poorly islamist might use Europe as a battle field, try to convert us, or Europe just gets bored with all the nonsense and ejects all the muslims out. What ever happens there might be new wave of forces in the way that hate women.

So my fear is: Women's rights and safety might suffer big time in the future. This continent will no longer be safe haven for women. First in line are WOC but there's already indication that "indigenous" European women will take a big hit, too.

I'm bit frustrated with radical feminism since this ideology gives very little help or guidance how to deal with politics, finances, ethnic conflict, religions, war, history, imperialism, minorities... Where's the larger picture?

What do you think?

Submitted by naxiai on June 16, 2020, 9:22 a.m. 2 comments

Our community recently hit 1,000 members! Welcome to all of you who have recently joined and to those who have been here for some time now. I’d like to give everyone a quick reminder to take a look at our rules and our two pinned posts on the homepage.

These posts have resources on how you can help donate to bail funds, support organizations that center black women and other WOC, and primers you can read. Please take a look if you haven’t done so!


First of all, I’m not white. I’m Hispanic, and I’ve grown up around a lot of black people and my closest friends are black people. I genuinely wanna know if I’m a shitty person for saying what I said. Basically, this white dude kept using black lives matter to virtue signal and it was annoying as fuck to me. Because he kept talking about it and making a big deal about how he was protesting, I told him one day that I was bothered by the fact that Breonna Taylor wasn’t the face of the BLM movement, but instead George Floyd was being martyred. I understand that there was video of George Floyd, I don’t think that people should use someone’s past as a way to justify violence against them, and what happened to him was a horrible thing. However, I feel like people only seem to care when it’s about black men, and to me, black women seem to have things much harder and are always building up black men, but don’t get the same in return. He kept saying that he couldn’t judge someone for their past when they’ve been oppressed and were trying to find safety, so anything that person does is negligible and it’s not a reason not to martyr him. I said to him that there are plenty of other black people who could be martyred that have had hard lives, and experienced extreme racism but have not committed crimes. I don’t know if it’s wrong for me to feel this way because I’m not black, but it makes me feel uncomfortable that George Floyd is being canonized over anyone else (especially Breonna Taylor in this moment) because I think that it in a way could be detrimental to the movement. He kept spitting the same stuff back at me about how as a white man, it’s not his place to judge a black man’s crimes because systemic racism is real. I said to him that I understand systemic racism is real, and I don’t belittle it, I understand certain crimes like stealing or selling drugs to get by, I understand the pressure or influence of gangs. I don’t think that violent crimes and robbing people at gunpoint is ever negligible, though. Ive been robbed at gun point twice. I’ve had friends who were not in gangs and were killed by gun violence. I’ve had a friend whose head was bashed and he ended up in a coma because he didn’t have gang protection in his neighborhood. I said to him that when you make every kind of crime negligible, it’s at the expense of other people who don’t choose that path even though they’ve experienced the same traumas. I pointed out that most black women aren’t perpetuating that trauma. A lot end up suffering at the hands of black men, but can’t even speak about it because of racism and having to protect black men. I used my friends as some examples of this and he dismissed it and said that I was a white savior for speaking about my black friends. Maybe it was wrong of me to use my friends as examples of why I was bothered by these things, which is why I’m asking. The thing is though, I used them as examples because every single dismissive shallow thing he’d say back to me was quite obviously from social media. He literally doesn’t have black people that he interacts with in a personal way. He had no black friends, and he even at several points has said to me that he doesn’t like watching porn with black men because he can’t empathize with a black dick (weird, I know). It just felt to me like he all of a sudden realized that he’s racist, and started virtue signaling and I pointed out to him that he has no real skin in the game. Was it bad that I referenced people I’m friends with as examples? Do I have white savior complex? For that matter, feel free to tell me if any of the shit I’ve said is fucked up.

I posted this to Gender Critical, but of course they removed my post. The reality is that MANY white and non-black women want to keep and enjoy the privilege that not being a Black woman gives them, the same way black men want to keep and enjoy the privilege that not being a Black woman gives them. I hope people here understand.


I said this in another thread and was attacked racially and downvoted without reason.

If you disagree with my logic then at least have the decency to state why.


We were asked what white women could do to help feminists women of color. My answer is below.


The number one thing non-black feminists can do for Black women is NOT date Black men.

99% (if not more) of black males who date interracially HATE Black women. And so do the white and non-black women that they date, lots of the time.

If you care about the Black race, understand that there are more elegible Black women than men due to prison, deaths, etc. When you as a white or non-black woman even talk to a black man you are spitting into the face of all Black women. You can not call us sisters if you do this.

It is perfectly fine for Black women (both straight and gay) to date and marry outside of the race because the numbers simply aren’t there as far as black men (and gay Black women). And BW who date out don’t do it out of hate for anyone, but out of love. On the other hand, there is literally no reason for black men to date out when there is a surplus of black women to choose from. If you as a white woman date a black man you are turning your back on your Black feminist sisters. You are co-signing the black man’s ideals of white supremacy.

Edit: Those if you who downvote me without refuting anything I’ve said are just upset that I’m telling the truth. Black males who date interracially hate Black women for existing, so if you as a woman decide to be with them you are actively attempting to hurt Black women.


At this point I was racially mocked at this sub by another woman (using language like ho* and get a man, Pickmeisha, etc.)

I explained to her that I am a lesbian with no interest in being involved with men:

I’m literally a lesbian so “getting a man” is the last thing on my mind. Sounds like you’re the actual Pickmeisha. I’m just telling the truth. Black men who date interracially are the biggest supporters of white supremacy I’ve ever seen, and I’m not the only person who has noticed this. If a non-black woman is with a black man it can be safely assumed that she listens to him talk shit about Black women, all with a smile on her face.


Then I received a reply from a different woman, telling me that it’s wrong to force black men to date black women. She COMPLETELY glossed over what I said about these black men being white supremacists, so obviously she (as a so called feminist) is not allied with Black women and prioritizes racist black men who hate us.

My response to her:

Right, but the fact remains that most black men who date interracially believe in white supremacy and black inferiority. So if you’re a woman who dates one of these men you are literally playing into white supremacy and stabbing black women in the back. You can’t have it both ways. Either you’re for Black women or you’re against us. And being with a black man as a non-black woman means you have publicly and boldly taken a stance against us. You aren’t fooling anyone. Literally EVERYONE knows that black men who date interracially are white supremacists. I’ve had white female friends who won’t date black men for this very reason, because they don’t want to betray Black women. I don’t give a damn about any excuses you make. Reality is reality.


STOP trying to gaslight Black women. We know the reality and we know that black men who date you hate us, talk shit about us, and that you sit back and listen with smiles on your faces.

Want proof?

Just go to Twitter.

Type in “misogynoir” or “this you” or look up the twitter account @misogynoirs.

What these black men do to us is disgusting and you sit back and allow them to say it in front of you because you enjoy white (and non-black) privilege. Time is fucking up.

And keep in mind, none of this is to Black men who stay within the race, or non-black women who don’t date them. I have nothing but respect for those two groups.

But we do have to realize that even outside the real of racial dating, people seem to get a social “credit” for not being a Black woman.

Just as black men never care about the misogyny Black women face, white and non-black women never care about the specific racism (misogynoir) Black women face. You just sit back and enjoy the benefits and privileges NOT being a Black woman affords you.

You can ignore this or remove this or whatever, but in reality you’re just kicking the can down the road. Black men and white women will be held accountable for what you’ve done to Black women. In many ways you are as cruel as white men, in some ways much worse.

Now let the gaslighting commence.


That concludes the message that I posted on GC. I believe many white rad fems are just as racist as white lib fems. I did not say all, just many.

What are your thoughts?

Submitted by IgnitedStardust on June 14, 2020, 11:18 p.m. 6 comments

I saw a post about YouTube channel by radfems of colour, and I’ve got a few Individuals bookmarked to follow up on.

But any prominent academic radical feminist WOCs that you know of or would recommend? Any radical feminist literature by WOC to recommend to me? It doesn’t matter the specific race or nationality/continental origin of the author in question - I am new to radical feminist literature in general, and want to know more. I know of the Greer/Dworkin/Atkinson/Friedan/Dines group, but I’d be interested in similar WOC authors.

Submitted by Pugsnotdrugs411 on June 14, 2020, 8:27 p.m. 12 comments


It's been something at the back of my mind for a while now, but I have finally created the sub r/BlackWomenDivest. The main purpose of the sub is dedicated to advocating on behalf of Black Women and Black Girls, giving them space for self improvement, growth and encouraging them to put themselves first unapologetically. This is a space for Black Women of all walks of life and we welcome a wide range of interests.

Right now it is still in the beginning stage, but if there are any women here who are interested in being a moderator and have at least some experience with it than please feel free to DM me for more details. The sub is private due to wanting to ward off trolls and racists/misogynists but that may change in the future once we're more established. For those who want to join but not as mods then please don't hesitate to message me, or the other two moderators: u/AbundantOverflow and u/LadyE123

Note: The sub's main audience and target is black women and girls, but if you are a non-black woman and are interested in joining that is also okay with me.This is a positive divestment community and not one where we want to spread negativity and discouragement

Submitted by throwaway4reasons333 on June 14, 2020, 7:32 p.m. 1 comment

I haven’t been protesting because of COVID and being nervous about the possibility of infecting certain people in my life. I have been showing my support by doing things like signing petitions and donating. I was wondering if there are any places I could donate that support black women specifically.