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Submitted by sadievenhavetodothis on July 31, 2019, 12:44 a.m. 1 comment


I thought i should share because of how relevant this seemed to me. I had to go back and relisten to the entire thing with the concept of transgender politics in mind.

I'll give some bullet points if you cant go through the entire hour:

1. A counterfactual is a "what if" mental simulation where the person ponders how a situation would be different if the facts were different.

2. People generally only rewind the moments around the incident, not the days months or years leading up to the incident.

3. The cause and effect MUST be side by side.

The part i find interesting comes after the 30 minute mark if you consider some studies which show children pushed into a gender transition program and who delay puberty end up deciding to continue with the program while those who are allowed to mature naturally are far less likely to want to transition later.

4. It turns out that if you force someone to make an irrevocable decision (A or B), the person is likely to be more happy with that decision no matter which path they chose but if they are told they can later change their mind and switch the decision the person is far more likely to be unhappy with the decision.

They like to present the delay to puberty as a way to let the person revoke their decision later but this is a false pretense. The decision to delay is irrevocable in the sense that you can not rewind and choose to mature at the normal age so the person then rationalizes that the path they are set on is correct. It is a path to transition, not a path to change your mind later. I chose to get on this path therefore i rationalize that i am on the correct path.

5. The scientist here says that everyone is far too overconfident in their ability to predict their own future and how they will feel in that future and so we should always be humble in the confidence of how our future self will feel.

All of this goes a long way to explain why: Kids put on a path to transition will then say the path is correct and that they must then transition and that even when their future self is still unhappy with the result, they still insist it was the correct decision.

Interested in other thoughts.

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Edgy title, but I have been thinking this weekend about this some more, and I had a question for myself that I want to share to gather some input.

Is gender identity expression free speech? If so, then it wouldn't already have its own protections, and would not need special protections under the law.

As for society accepting the gender identity - society is neutral on free speech - it doesn't choose sides typically unless one side incites hate or violence.

Is this part of the arguments that are made here?

Submitted by Almomdee on July 28, 2019, 11:33 a.m. 35 comments

Are the words “gay” and “lesbian” perhaps conflating three different sexualities? People are:

1. Same-gender exclusive (e.g. attracted to women and trans women)

2. Same-sex exclusive (e.g. attracted to women and trans men)

3. Same-sex AND same-gender exclusive (e.g. attracted to women only)

I think all three of these groups may reasonably describe themselves as gay/lesbian (although some of you might disagree!). However, it feels like the only thing you can admit to being is same-gender exclusive. Many LGBT organisations now act as if all lesbians/gays fall into this category, and those who don’t are dangerous, bigoted heretics—even though there’s plenty of evidence that sexuality is set, for most people, in childhood, and that people are not able to choose their sexuality and who they are attracted to. Gays and lesbians who are same-sex exclusive are being driven back into the closet so that we don't offend anyone with our attraction and experiences.

[P.S. I’m sorry that I haven’t mentioned bi people here—perhaps some bi people are attracted only to people whose gender matches their sex, while others are less discerning?]

Submitted by oliviamaynard on July 28, 2019, 11:24 a.m.

So what's up with that. Once at a bar I was flirting so hard with this guy and he was like. I dont like girls. I was drunk and screamed. " Arent I close enough?"

Just saying is all

Submitted by IAmD00p on July 28, 2019, 4:58 a.m. 10 comments

Hello. Everytime when on the games i play, the LGBT topic comes up, i put out what i think, which is exactly what you guys think. Transgender people shouldnt be in the same category, and that there are only two genders. I would looongly explain it to them why when they ask "why do you think like that?", however the games text limit is short. If you guys were in my position, how would you answer the question in a short way? I generally cant give out this opinion on the game without the "answer" im talking about or else i will instantly get banned lol. Cant really find a way to explain it shortly, so im asking you guys. Be as controversial as you want, doesnt matter really as im a conservative.

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Feeling too shy to make your own post? Want to introduce yourself, but aren't sure if it's appropriate? Welcome, and feel free to share here!

In-between moments of righteous activism, we all have lives we attend to. What did you do last week, or what are your plans this week? Watching any good movies or shows? Go on any dates? Struggling with, or achieved, any major life goals? Survive any alien invasions?

NOTE: comment rules are relaxed, but not gone entirely. Be excellent to each other!

Submitted by BetaLikesKazooMemes on July 27, 2019, 6:20 p.m. 2 comments

Just cuz you believe something don't mean you have to be so downright rude about it,

From browsing the sub, can already see u guys don't have any real reasons for separating LGB and T

We are already fighting for rights as a whole, now you are trying to turn our on community on itself?

It just seems that after all our struggles for our rights,

Including trans people

You are just gonna turn your backs on all those people?

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Submitted by ShimritIsSuperBored on July 27, 2019, 11:32 a.m. 8 comments

You know a black Trans Woman made the LGBTQ+ Community y'all are letting her down.

Submitted by Im-Probably-Drinking on July 27, 2019, 11:25 a.m. 22 points | 14 comments

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Submitted by asteriks111 on July 27, 2019, 11:05 a.m.

stupid homohobes

Submitted by thatlldopigthatlldo7 on July 26, 2019, 11:40 p.m. 2 comments

I never really thought anything of the t being there. But the more I think of it the more it doesn’t make sense why a group filled with people and who they prefer has one section for trans people.

Is it just because it’s supposed to be a group for all the non straight off the beaten path type people?

Submitted by -Shinra_Tensei- on July 26, 2019, 9:34 p.m. 5 comments

Straight guy here and an ally to lgb community.I'm new to reddit and this sub. And I definitely believe the ideology this sub stands for. Especially when it comes to children and "self identification" stuff. But that being said, how many of you here think that the gender identities actually valid? I just cannot seem to wrap my mind around a lot of the gender identities out there. And of course, that doesn't mean they're not valid or anything.Also, I do not hate trans people at all. Just find it difficult to understand. So thought I would ask you people here what you think.

Hope I am not offending anyone here.

Submitted by JulienMayfair on July 26, 2019, 5:29 p.m. 5 comments

In the myths, Cassandra gets the gift of prophecy, but is cursed by Apollo such that no one would believe her warnings.

That's how I feel this week when I see Yaniv described as an "LGBT activist."

We told them so. We warned that these Self-ID laws were an accident waiting to happen, but would anyone listen? Oh no. No one would abuse these policies. Nothing like that would ever happen.

Just as climate change denial is the tragic delusion of the right, gender identity is the tragic delusion of the left. Fortunately, we could fix the latter if we just came (back) to our senses.

Submitted by tables8121 on July 25, 2019, 6:53 p.m. 18 comments

TIL after a few decades being alive on this earth that I’m not really a homosexual male, I’m just androphilic. Hmm.

What do you want to bet that we’re going to be hearing these words a lot more in the near future?

Seems like this will be key to how some people (gee I wonder who) will slyly subvert the terms gay and lesbian or even homosexual.

Transsexuals are four times more likely than the average person to be infected with HIV. Source:http://www.nbcnews.com/id/40279043/ns/health-health_care/

About 88% of children who have gender dysphoria do not hold those beliefs when they grow older. Source:http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=90229789

Only 12% of boys who believe they are transsexuals still believe so when they are older. Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18194003

MRI scans indicate that MtF transsexuals are either men aroused by the thought of possessing female genitalia or homosexuals who want to seduce straight men. Source:http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3180619/

41% of transsexuals have tried and failed to commit suicide. Source:http://www.nbcnews.com/id/40279043/ns/health-health_care/

Transsexuals who undergo sex reassignment surgery are more likely to commit suicide. Source: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0016885

Most young transsexuals have committed self-harm within the last twelve months. Source:http://saravyc.sites.olt.ubc.ca/files/2015/05/SARAVYC_Trans-Youth-Health-Report_EN_Final_Print.pdf#page=44

65% of transsexual youth have seriously considered suicide within the last year. Source: http://saravyc.sites.olt.ubc.ca/files/2015/05/SARAVYC_Trans-Youth-Health-Report_EN_Final_Print.pdf#page=44

37% of transsexual youth have attempted suicide within the last year. Source: http://saravyc.sites.olt.ubc.ca/files/2015/05/SARAVYC_Trans-Youth-Health-Report_EN_Final_Print.pdf#page=44

1 in 10 young transsexuals has attempted suicide more than three times in the last year. Source:http://saravyc.sites.olt.ubc.ca/files/2015/05/SARAVYC_Trans-Youth-Health-Report_EN_Final_Print.pdf#page=44

Only 21% of transsexuals can sucessfully pass as the opposite gender. Source:http://www.thetaskforce.org/static_html/downloads/reports/reports/ntds_report_on_health.pdf#page=3

53% of mothers of transsexual children have Borderline Personality Disorder, compared to only 6% of mothers of normal children. Source:http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2016237

16% of transsexuals have been sent to jail or prison, compared to 2.7% of the general population. Source:http://www.avp.org/storage/documents/Training%20and%20TA%20Center/FORGE_Trans_People_Police_Incarceration_Facts.pdf

Gay and transgender students are half as likely to graduate high school as straight students. Source:https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/lgbt/news/2010/06/21/7980/gay-and-transgender-youth-homelessness-by-the-numbers/

20-40% of homeless children are transsexuals. Source:https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/lgbt/news/2010/06/21/7980/gay-and-transgender-youth-homelessness-by-the-numbers/ 44% of transsexuals with a job are underemployed. Source: http://www.hrc.org/blog/entry/transgender-workers-at-greater-risk-for-unemployment-and-poverty

Children raised by gay couples are twice as likely to be in poverty as children of straight married couples. Source:http://williamsinstitute.law.ucla.edu/headlines/beyond-stereotypes-poverty-in-the-lgbt-community/

24% of lesbians and bisexual women are poor, compared with only 19% of heterosexual women.” Source:http://williamsinstitute.law.ucla.edu/headlines/beyond-stereotypes-poverty-in-the-lgbt-community/

1/3 transsexuals are being treated for mental health. Source:http://www.medicaldaily.com/transgender-people-more-likely-develop-depression-and-anxiety-247044

85% of transsexuals show signs of psychological distress or have been recently treated for mental health. Source:http://www.medicaldaily.com/transgender-people-more-likely-develop-depression-and-anxiety-247044

44% of transsexuals show signs of clinical depression. Source:http://www.medicaldaily.com/transgender-people-more-likely-develop-depression-and-anxiety-247044

Transsexuals are more likely to have autism than the general population. Source: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00787-005-0469-4

Transsexuals college students are five times more likely than all students to have an eating disorder. Source: http://www.jahonline.org/article/S1054-139X%2815%2900087-7/abstract

Transsexuals college students are 30 times more likely than straight men to have eating disorders. Source: http://www.jahonline.org/article/S1054-139X%2815%2900087-7/abstract

27% of MtF transsexuals test positive for HIV. Only 12% report it. Source:http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/group/gender/transgender/

Transsexuals are several times more likely than normal people to have schizophrenia. Source:http://www.hindawi.com/journals/schizort/2014/463757/

Worldwide, male-to-female transsexuals are 50 times likely to have HIV than normal people. Source: http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/group/gender/transgender/

Transsexuals have higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution, and incarceration than normal people. Source:http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/group/gender/transgender/

Transsexuals have higher rates of unemployment, homelessness, and attempted suicide than normal people. Source:http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/group/gender/transgender/

Transsexuals are four times more likely to live in extreme poverty than the general population. Source:http://www.transequality.org/sites/default/files/docs/resources/NTDS_Report.pdf#page=8

Transsexuals are twice as likely to be unemployed as the general population. Source:http://www.transequality.org/sites/default/files/docs/resources/NTDS_Report.pdf#page=9

Non-white transsexuals are four times as likely to be unemployed as the general population. Source:http://www.transequality.org/sites/default/files/docs/resources/NTDS_Report.pdf#page=9

Transsexuals are twice as likely to be homeless as cisgendered people. Source:http://www.transequality.org/sites/default/files/docs/resources/NTDS_Report.pdf#page=10

1 in 5 transsexuals has been homeless at least once in their lives. Source:http://www.transequality.org/sites/default/files/docs/resources/NTDS_Report.pdf#page=10

Close to 80% of children who feel transsexual will abandon their sexual confusion as they age. Source: http://www.wsj.com/articles/paul-mchugh-transgender-surgery-isnt-the-solution-1402615120

Many transsexuals choose to take hormone treatments over HIV medication. Source: http://news.yahoo.com/one-group-people-acquiring-hiv-204557712.html

Male-to-female transsexuals are 50 times more likely than normal people to have HIV. Source: http://news.yahoo.com/one-group-people-acquiring-hiv-204557712.html

Submitted by Jassy2cute on July 24, 2019, 3:48 p.m. 39 comments

I found this subreddit recently after searching up Jessica Yaniv. I wasn’t surprised to see the comments on that post paint all trans individuals in the same way as...Jessica Yaniv (mostly trans women) but I was a bit shocked to see this was a community of LGB individuals. So I was curious and wanted to know where the problem started for most of you here.

Just a discussion so please let’s be civil and no name calling. I’m here to listen, and have a conversation as a trans woman myself.

Submitted by Jassy2cute on July 24, 2019, 3:36 p.m.

I’ve found this subreddit recently after searching up Jessica Yaniv. I wasn’t surprised to see the comments on that post paint all trans individuals that way (mostly trans women) but I was a bit shocked to see this was a community of LGB individuals. So I was curious and wanted to know where the problem started for most of you here.

Just a discussion so please let’s be civil and no name calling. I’m here to listen, and have a conversation as a trans woman myself.

Submitted by OmiTheHomi on July 24, 2019, 11:33 a.m. 628 points | 119 comments
Submitted by TransBagle on July 24, 2019, 4:51 a.m.

Ok. Rant over

Submitted by Bananaramabat on July 24, 2019, 1:27 a.m. 12 comments

I'm a cis gay man , and seeing an entire community of people like this frankly breaks my heart . I believe in supporting the freedom of all people , and if we can unite under one group for the better , that's awesome. Separating our groups isn't going to change anything, it will probably make things worse . I know most of you probably aren't transphobic but you hate to understand the consequences of your actions. Why can't you just be loving and accepting of everyone? Choosing to accept only a certain person with a thing they were born with is absolutely obtuse . I'm not saying that's the case for everyone, but in the vast majority gender is a sexual thing, it's simply human . So get your heads out of your asses and stop saying stuff like this .

Submitted by BlairTheCrybaby on July 24, 2019, 12:54 a.m.


Why should we leave the T out of LGBT?

The group itself was created to support people who are struggling with sexual or gender identity, aka people who aren’t straight or cisgender, us transgenders get a lot of backlash and hate for being who we are, just like most gays, lesbians, and bisexuals, just like everyone in the LGBT community, actually. The LGBT is supposed to be a safe place for everyone and there’s absolutely no need to ‘drop the T’ as we struggle with our own issues too. Transphobic people make it extremely hard to cope with gender dysphoria and make us feel alone, excluded, so leaving us out a community for people who are supposed to be accepting towards the minority and the people who have to deal with being pressured doesn’t help the case at all, I know I probably shouldn’t be here but I just wanted to make my point heard. Us transgenders struggle, and we should have a safe place where we can be ourselves and not have to struggle with being judged. That’s all I would like to say

I’m done here, goodbye

Submitted by Jupiter2121 on July 23, 2019, 5:40 p.m.


Submitted by Stupid-Cookie on July 23, 2019, 4:09 p.m. 5 comments

LGBTQ+ is a proud community. And yeah, gender and sexuality is not the same thing. But this community support everyone, whoever you are or are attracted to. Lgb? Why? To support less persons?

Submitted by TheMentally_ill on July 23, 2019, 3:40 p.m. 1 comment

this is a community of idiots

Separation of a community in times when around the world LGBT people are in poor conditions you all chose to focus your energy on something as insignificant as dropping a letter from an acronym

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 bravo. no really...bravo 👌🏻

Submitted by AstrusKun on July 22, 2019, 9:42 p.m.

being complete fucking assholes for no reason?!?

Submitted by Kenzie2916 on July 22, 2019, 7:59 p.m.

I'm feeling really self destructive rn and decided that I could get some hate here soooooo...............do your thing I guess.

Submitted by sensiblynonsensical on July 22, 2019, 3:51 p.m. 3 comments

I personally think this fight has been taken too far internally, where as the entire movement was simply about equal rights and equal ability to express oneself. I personally identify as non-binary and tbh I don’t really care what most ppl think about that label. What I do believe is that I have every right to be equally represented and to express myself. This whole separation into different “labels” or “letters” I feel is counteractive to the progression of the equality movement. After all, labels is why racism still exists. Hate is fueled by labels that people don’t identify with but react negatively to because of lack of understanding. Thus I think just “Q” is sufficient. We don’t need more separation we need more unity!

Submitted by JulienMayfair on July 22, 2019, 11:36 a.m. 2 comments

As I checked the website of this formerly gay male group this morning, the one that suffered a Queer/Trans takeover, I saw mostly a series of grandstanding posts including:


And more from the same person:

Some share their groups are "not quite there yet"... how is that ANY different than the Racial Segregation Wars of the 1960s Civil Rights movement?

How is it different from racial segregation? Ummm . . . in a whole hell of a lot of ways. Maybe it has to do with the fact that racial segregation was a legacy of hundreds of years of slavery and a rigid system of social caste enforced by a legal system and lethal violence. That's not really comparable to asking if a relatively small number of gay men have the right to their own voluntary social group, especially when there are plenty of other LGBT groups. Or, well, it's not comparable unless you're a nutcase with a penchant for drama.

Also, people of color have always been welcome. There were black and Latino gay men participating in the 1990s. That's just a red herring.

The level of stupid shit people are saying -- and being congratulated for -- after the Queer/Trans coup is just amazing and disheartening.

Submitted by JulienMayfair on July 22, 2019, 10:46 a.m. 22 comments

I was just listening to 1A on NPR and heard a professor referring several times to "same-gender attraction." That's right, folks. No more of that outmoded same-sex attraction allowed. It's being phased out. Did you wake up this morning thinking you were a homosexual? Well, think again. You're now a 'homogenderal.'

Submitted by FlatCommunication5 on July 22, 2019, 7:49 a.m. 12 comments

(from Wikipedia) "The term two-spirit was created in 1990 at the Indigenous lesbian and gay international gathering in Winnipeg, and "specifically chosen to distinguish and distance Native American/First Nations people from non-Native peoples. The primary purpose of coining a new term was to encourage the replacement of the outdated and considered offensive, anthropological term, berdache." ("berdache" was utilized in Jesuit missionaries accounts to refer to male crossdressers and homosexuals and it literally means "kept boy" "male prostitute"). Nations like the Navajo had banned same-sex unions and Native gay activists "called [themselves] two-spirit to find a way to explain [themselves] to to [their] grandparents that won’t make them say “that’s a load of white man’s bullshit.


"Indians (sic) did not refer to homosexuals as Berdaches, this is a term used by Anthropologists. Indigenous people NEVER referred to homosexuals as two-spirits. Two-spirit is a term coined by Harry Hay, founder of the radical Faeries. In the 1970’s he was making a nuisance of himself trying to find a “Berdache person among the Pueblo people. The spiritual leaders basically laughed at his outrageous theories and wouldn’t have anything to do with him. He finally located one tribal member who merely showed him where the gays lived – on the outside of the village. Unwilling to be stopped by facts, Hay made up the whole two-spirit Faery tale and started trying to sell it to the gay population. The Jungian psychologists of the time ran with it and kept embellishing it with more and more little white lies. Just like Orwell predicted, that little white lie told over and over again became “truth." I am constantly annoyed by gay people who firmly believe they are "two-spirits" who are entitled to be told everything about my spiritual practices on the basis of their homosexuality alone. Millions of people accept as absolute truth a complete fabrication that was pulled out of Harry Hay’s but."

"The two-spirit tradition appears to be nothing but a hoax. Pretty much every pop-culture mind-candy book provides no hard evidence that gays were revered in any Native American culture. A lot of the authors take wild leaps of logic and freely speculate as to what they hope to be true. Two of the books I looked at were written by Will Roscoe whose research was guided by Harry Hay. Another one was written by Walter L. Williams, who dedicated his book to his friend Harry Hay. Another one was edited by Sue Ellen Jacobs, who admits to a personal correspondence with Harry Hay and uses Will Roscoe as a reference. A lot of these books also site authors that have been widely criticized by Native people such as Paula Gunn-Allen, the fruitcake who speaks to aliens from distant galaxies through a crystal skull, and Beverly Little Thunder, who managed to elicit several death threats from Lakota elders for her version of the female Sun dance.(Lesbians without shirts getting their chests pierced, I’d like to see that)

On the Berdaches as revered shamans side of the argument, the sources were almost exclusively modern day Lakota informants. The most frequently sited is, Terry Calling Eagle. Also sited were Michael One Feather, Vincent White Cloud, Luke Standing Elk, Twila Giegle Dillon and John One Grass. I couldn’t find any information about the qualifications of these individuals. Terry Calling Eagle is quoted frequently on gay web sites. Most of the books using these informants also site Harry Hay’s philosophical writings as evidence (The Hammond Report, One Institute Quarterly 6 (1963) p. 11) and a lot of them site the work, Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions by John Fire Lame Deer. I read the whole book and I couldn’t find any evidence there.

On the other side, there were a lot of prominent female anthropologists who wrote about Berdaches in the 30s and 40s who came to the conclusion that Berdaches were not revered and in some cases were even excluded from becoming healers and medicine men because the tribe believed they were spiritually deficient. Ermine, Vogelin 1938 Tubatulabel Ethnography. Anthropological Records (2) I:I-90 and Cora Dubois, Wintu Ethnography. University of California Publications in American Archeology and Ethnology 1935. Vogelin reported that is was impossible for Berdaches to become shamans in Wintu society. And DuBois reported that in Chugach Eskimos culture, the man-woman were not able to become shamans and they were regarded as unfit to be healers. She also reported that in the majority of the California tribes, the Plateu and the Great Basin, Berdaches were regarded as not having the necessary spiritual gifts and possessing no sacred qualities. Julian H. Steward, a prolific writer in Anthropological Records Cultural Element Distributions(4:2) p 252 and (8:3) p 279 reports that Berdaches were uncommon in Shoshone society and regarded with mild interest and no disapproval. Regarding Shamanism and Berdaches she concluded that "Native thought did not connect the two phenomena." In 15 reported cases the reported Berdaches were unremarkable. They were just seen as men who wanted to do women’s work. One male Berdache had a wife and children, another kept house for white people, another one had an abnormally small penis. None of the informants mentioned anything about spiritual powers in the 30s and 40s. All the hoopla came well after Harry Hay claimed to have found all this evidence.

Overall, based on an incredible absence of evidence and a lot of wishful thinking by white gays trying to promote a political agenda, I would say that a thinking person would have to conclude that the is no link between Berdaches and heightened social status or increased spiritual gifts in any Native American culture.

I’m straight and white myself, but until somebody can provide me with hard evidence, I’m going to tell everyone I know that the two-spirit myth is pure bunk.

And I will continue to be annoyed by all the silly white people running around calling themselves two-spirits and engaging in random acts of preciousness.”


Radical Faeries (Documentary)

(from Wikipedia) "The Gay American Indians (GAI) was a gay rights organization founded in San Francisco in 1975 by Randy Burns and Barbara May Cameron, initially as a safe place to socialize and share. It was reputed to be the first organization of its kind in the country. The initial purpose of the group was described by Randy Burns (co-founder) as a "safe place to socialize and share." The founders wanted a space to address the intersectionality of their identities. GAI Members advocated for the use of the term "two-spirit" as an alternative to the term "berdache" because they viewed the latter as problematic due to the term's origins. The group also worked in the 1980s with Will Roscoe, a scholar, to produce a book about the meaning of "berdache."

from the book "The Trouble with Harry Hay"

It appears that the American far left wasn't as pro-gay in the 1970s as it is now.

"...In 1976... Distressed that struggles between gays and the Left continued twenty-five years after his own separation from the Communist Party, Harry wrote a letter to Faygele Singer, the embattled gay Leftist, hoping to comfort him with “newer levels of Marxist perceptions which were emerging in me as gay values.” The letter was the basis for his position paper, “Gay Liberation: Chapter Two,” "which he regarded as his most important piece of writing and as a central catalyst of the Radical Faerie movement."

"...Hay... called for mass change in thinking. He proposed that the qualities of noncompetitiveness and creativity, characteristics often observed in gay people, made gays naturally suited to guide this change in thinking... To Harry, this “Gay gift” was a difference in consciousness that could introduce new ideas necessary for human survival. In the 1950s, he had argued that in the ancient world, it was the gays who passed on certain craft skills with greater devotion than heterosexual family lineages, whose blood devotions surpassed all other; this sort of role in favor of cultural evolution, always shifting with changing social needs, was, he suggested, the bio-social reason for gays—and could be used as their political justification."


"At the U.C.L.A. and U.S.C. libraries, Hay spent endless hours looking up their sources, “always hunting for us.” In the process, he created thousands of note cards, all headed “berdache,” with countless subheadings. Frequently, Harry stumbled upon related areas of study, such as the political impact of the changes in calendrical forms on peasant religions. These detours consumed further attention and resulted in reams of additional notes.

Some of Hay’s research did see publication. In a paper called “The Hammond Report,” published in 1963 in ONE Institute Quarterly, the serious homophile journal of the time, Harry unearthed a forgotten document written in 1882 by a former United States Surgeon General Dr. William A. Hammond, while in the field, observed Indians called mujerados, a Spanish term meaning “made women.” [i.e. "a man who was notionally transformed into a woman by taking the passive role in homosexual intercourse"] This tantalized Harry as a possible type of berdache. Hammond described the mujerados he had found among Pueblo Indians in Northern New Mexico, who were the “chief passive agent in the pederastic ceremonies.” [Note: Hay supported NAMBLA]. Hay offered a lengthy commentary and roundly protested this paper’s “burial by omission” for nearly one hundred years.

Though limited in distribution, Harry’s article was significant for the time as a rare scholarly treatment of the berdache, a subject that has become popular in recent years. Years later, several scholars researching the berdache, including Walter Williams and Will Roscoe, found the article and sought Hay out for further consultations. Williams, author of The Spirit and the Flesh, the definitive study of the berdache thus far, called Hay “the inspirer” to many current berdache scholars, and Roscoe, biographer of the famous berdache We’Wha, credits Harry with doing more than any other single individual to promote research into the subject during a long period of academic neglect."

"...By and large, Harry was disappointed in his hope of finding berdaches functioning on reservations or in other Indian populations. The Bureau of Indian Affairs, he came to realize, had systematically educated Indians throughout the nation to abandon their original language and culture, especially those cultural practices found “vulgar” or “abominable.” "


"Many of Hay’s writings from the 1950s reflected a strikingly evolved feminism, especially in his concentration on the religion of the Great Goddess, popular in many parts of the ancient world, and the ways in which its values offered harmony to civilization. More specifically, Hay’s references to a cultural unity of Druids, fairies and other queer historical types in his 1955 paper “The Homophile in History” anticipated the work of such writers as Arthur Evans, Judy Grahn and Starhawk by two decades."


Khwaja Saraa (Pakistan's "third gender" or "deviant" (aka homosexual) men who survive through begging and prostitution) vs transgender (newly emerging in Pakistan's westernized, well-educated, liberal elite):

"They can never be women. They cannot give birth. Even if they change their bodies they can’t change who they are. We are not women. We are what Allah has made."

Ninotchka Rosca (Philippines) laughing out loud at the phrase "female penis". "I had to study English for decades to come to that!"

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Trans-identified female who gave birth after obtaining a Gender Recognition Act as "male" demands to be registered as the child's father. "THIS is what the govt promised would NEVER happen, during the GRC debates."

"Women aren't men+surgery or men+dysphoria or men+hormones. So whilst I'm sympathetic & hopeful that dysphoric men get effective treatment, it's immaterial to women's rights whether men are men+surgery or not.

You have to think deeper, beyond what is an immediate rape threat to an adult woman.

Do girls have a right to privacy from men?

Do I have to teach my daughter there are men who can see her naked, and men who can't, but she can't distinguish each?

Are women worthy of full rights?

Either we are a separate sex to all men, and fully human that we can say no to all men and have that consent and those boundaries accepted, or we're like family pets. Men commit to not hurting us but ludicrous to imagine we can dictate our own boundaries or demand privacy.

We're so used to treating ourselves as the mothers of humanity that we forget that no matter how pitiful the man, it is more important to girls and women that we preserve their absolute right to say no to him when it comes to sex based boundaries. Without question or apology."

Debbie Hayton never bothered getting a GRC, like 7,500 trans people in the UK

A roughly estimated 80 percent of dysphoric transsexuals are autogynephiles. According to Anne Lawrence, AGPs are MORE likely to undergo surgery.