I just got bаnned from an LGBT support grоuр (not on rеddit) for calling someone by name instead of by special pronouns. And then I was called “not actually gay”.

LGB Erasure Submitted July 10, 2020, 12:59 p.m. by lollipoptart_

There was this person making everyone use they/them pronouns. I said that I didn’t want to, and I’ll just call the person by name, or by the pronoun “you”.

This person wouldn’t accept that. This is my first controversial thing. I’ve been very ass-kissy to stay in this grоup. I didn’t think it would be controversial to call someone by name. Apparently it is, and calling someone by name is a “different set of preferred pronouns”. Wtf.

I tried to be as respectful as possible and said it was a compromise because I wasn’t misgendering anyone, and I was feeling comfortable for not having to use they/them. Apparently compromises are offensive because I’ve been mocked for trying to do that. I’ve been called an asshole, a bitch, and “not actually gay”.

I don’t believe nonbinary is a gender and I think alternative pronouns are ridiculous, but I didn’t even say that. I literally called the person by name and got bаnned.

Before I got bаnned, I said I would stop talking about this topic, but everyone kept on talking about me. This group has said stuff like “I want to kill homophobes, break their kneecaps, rip their skin off”.

I didn’t even break any rulеs. They broke some rulеs though.

I’m kind of glad I left, but also I don’t have anywhere to go. Any reasonable LGB(T) grоups online are getting bаnned. I wish I wasn’t gay. I just want to be straight.

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