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So, the facts of female biology, as pointed out by critics of transwomen’s involvement in professional women’s sports, are now being cited to justify paying the US women’s soccer team less.

From a different news story about the ongoing lawsuit:

U.S. Soccer argues that paying its female players less than its male players is justified because of inherent physiological differences between men and women in things like skeletal structure, muscle composition, heart and lung capacity, and even “the absolute ability to process carbohydrates.” The filing references an article by a Duke Law School professor, entitled “Sex in Sport,” as proof of those claims.

This is so absurd it’s almost hilarious. Either female biology doesn’t really exist — thus biological males can enter and dominate female sports teams — or it does exist, thus female athletes don’t deserve to be paid as much.

This is why sexism is an important term to retain over and beyond gender discrimination. What we see here is sexism in action. It is real and it is most definitely and explicitly happening here due to sex differences.

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There are countless examples of MtF athletes winning women's competitions (weightlifting, MMA, track and field, cycling, etc) but I still haven't heard of a single case of a FtM athlete winning a men's sporting event.

I don't mean this in a rhetorical way. I literally never heard of such a thing happening.

However, me being ignorant of something does not a fact make, so I would love if someone were to provide me with an example of a FtM athlete winning a men's competition. It doesn't need to be an Olympic sport: it can be mini-golf, inline skating, bowling, whatever...

I suppose a predictable (and valid) deflection is that the number of FtM athletes is significantly lower than the number of MtF athletes, so by default examples are harder to come by. Still, I am curious.

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I think it's funny how none of the FTM transpeople try to compete in male sports... It's almost as if being overly competitive and needing to dominate and humiliate people by exercising force and by a display of strength is a predominantly male characteristics... HMMMMM. Also, pretty sure these clowns probably compete just to massage their egos.

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The day every single women's sport will have a record being held by someone with XY chromosomes, won't it be the best way for everyone to realize men and women are just different, no matter how you want to call them?

Won't that be the day that the rules become a bit fairer?

Won't that be the day that sport federations will realize the only way to have females signing up is to enforce some rules that may piss off some feminists?

The world of women's sports is self-destructing, and maybe the best way to start cleaning up that mess is to accelerate this cycle of self-destruction.

What do you think?

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