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Please note, I did not write the following, and do not know who the author is. If you do know, please let me know as I would love to credit her:

"By encouraging antagonistic behaviour between groups ie race, class etc the establishment protects itself effective resistance, divide and conquer .

Worse still is it prevents women from seeking out authentic feminism. Libfem is an establishment project to deviate women's resistance into a socially acceptable form that does not threaten the establishement.

This is why there is such a concerted effort to shut down radfems as they realise that they pose a legitmiate threat to the established order and cant be controlled from without.

As for youtube itself, it is an establishment effort to control information disseminating to the public hence demonetization of anything that doesnt agree with offical narrative.

We are living inside a human experiment, one that tests how far society can go in abandoning all it's morals and common sense.

While countries like China are working hard to improve themselves, to raise best possible citizens and create the best possible society (whether you agree with their approach or not), we are busy coming up with excuses why it's OK that our kids are being raised on a diet of incest porn.

The West has just given up. We have utterly stopped aspiring towards anything. Even the very idea of collective aspirations - shit,even the idea that any collective exists - is treated as old-fashioned at best, downright totalitarian at worst. West was a shithole that improved because people wanted to, just like millions of people in the rest of the world are working to improve their countries, but now nobody here seems to care anymore.

Having real morals, a real sense of right and wrong,willingness to sacrifice your comfort to do the right thing, it's all seen as lame and small-minded. The only moral that seems to truly exist is "individual freedom good". And since morals tend to create limits to individual liberties, they need to be abandoned. Mindless pursuit of hedonistic material pleasures is our new religion, and sex is the God in this religion. You can't question it, you can't criticize it, you can't challenge it. If something makes someone's genitals feel tingly, it's automatically Good, and the right to pursue the tingly feeling is Sacred. Orgasms are always good and shoving golf balls in your ass or fucking a donkey are all good things if it makes you FEEL good.

I believe even a bad society can improve, as long as people have the will to work for it. and societies don't give up out of hopelessness, but because they get too comfortable. One of the worst examples in history is religion - societies where people cling to the comfort of religion always seem to stop improving. I believe that hedonism has become this to west, and porn and hyper-sexualization plays a huge part in that.

We've gone so far in hyper-individualism and obsession with liberties that we have managed to create a new type of totalitarianism, one where nobody can escape the relentless commodification and breaking apart of every aspect of life. Instead of being shamed for having sex, women are now shamed for having any sexual limits whatsoever. The ideal woman in 21th century is a walking, talking blow-up doll, who exists only to serve men's mindless hedonistic pursuits. Defending humanity, dignity, love, self-respect or privacy will make you the modern equivalent of witch.

Intellectually, we've completely abandoned the light of rationalism that benefited us for thousands years, from Ancient Greece to Enlightenment. We've abandoned rationalism and pursuit of truth in favor of Post-Modern nonsense that boils down to simply "truth is whatever you want it to be". I believe PoMo was the worst thing to happen to west, it's like a virus that shuts down critical thinking and appeals endlessly to out worst narcissistic instincts. Now anyone can claim anything because "truth is subjective" and anyone who insists otherwise is oppressor.

This is what has created the pervasive feeling of "clown world", which is actually a sense of un-reality and dissociation that stems from the conflict between what we instinctively KNOW to be truth, and that what we are TOLD is the truth.

"Most pedophiles are harmless sufferers of medical condition, if you shame them you are ignorant." "Biological sex isn't real, gender is a feeling, men who masturbate to anime porn are women, people can be one gender one day and another today, if you disagree you are a bigot." "Sex work is empowering, women calling themselves sluts is liberation, if you disagree you are conservative SWERF." "Having unlimited free access to porn where the oppressor class enacts the same type of violence upon the oppressed that has always been the foundation of said oppression, while connecting the violent acts of oppression to pleasure, every day for decades, will have no adverse effect whatsoever for the oppressed class and if you disagree, you are a hysterical prude."

What is important to realize, is that the goal is not so much to get people to believe these lies as truth. Most people will never truly buy into transgender crap for example, since out perception of what sexes are is partially biological instinct. No, the point is simply to teach you that truth doesn't matter. It's about powerlessness and demoralization. The elites (politicians, media, experts, above all the MALES with money that control them all) can say anything they want, and you are utterly, completely powerless to argue against it. You will be simply labeled a bigot and your arguments become automatically worthless. If you protest the transing of your kids, you will be fired from your job and the government can even take your kids away. If you criticize misogyny or homophobia in other cultures, you will be labeled racist and dangerous loon, lose your job, in Europe be charged with hate speech. If you protest porn, you will be labeled SWERF and Nazi, and the masses of cumbrain males that porn-industry has raised to believe porn is human right, will attack you and do everything they can to destroy your life.

You know you are being lied to, and you know it doesn't matter. Truth stopped mattering decades ago. There is no way to fix this, because once you have people convinced that selfishness is virtue, they are lost forever. The only thing we as women can do is to pray that these grotesque death rattles of western "civilization" are over as fast as possible, so that the collapse can be complete and another culture can take over (China, aliens, robots, anything would be improvement at this point). Meanwhile, focus on your own survival and connecting with the small minority of women who still dare to speak the truth. That is the only way to stay sane in a world like this.


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With none of that, the fact that men are capable of rape alone - regardless of anything else - is good reason to have mostly female societies. This would've been abundantly clear to women thousands upon thousands of years ago who were not trapped in societal structures in which they were forced to interact with men, nor had been subjected to brainwashing from day one. The biological facts alone make what is best perfectly obvious.

By now, though, it is too late. Too much of the world is infected with the cancyr. Radfems consist of less than 1% of the population, and among those, the ones who know a biological solution is the only answer to women's liberation are again, 1% or less.

We had everything we needed to create an incredibly advanced society - an abundant, beautiful planet tucked away in a relatively safe part of the universe. Instead, we built the 'civilization' with the sophistication of a toddler that is becoming increasingly degenerate, destroyed the planet, and didn't even make it out of the Solar System. Thanks, boymoms and handmaidens.

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Still mooing 😘 MEME/SATIRE
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Online radfem content backup project: Please help and in return, receive backups of content

I and other radfems have been backing up radfem content on the internet, and could use your help. In exchange, you'll receive copies of material we've already finished backing up.

Helping is very easy - I will provide instructions.

If interested, please initiate a chat with me.

ps. for you baby radfems out there who wonder why this necessary, know that anything that takes down male supremacy gets removed, erased, or distorted in the blink of an eye. Might sound very outlandish and Big Brother to you, but it's real, and I've seen it with my own eyes. Hence the backup project.

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Prostrate havers, in my opinion are degenerate genetically. I can forgive them for being stupid, but "tradwives"? I fucking hate them with every ounce of my soul. They are so privileged to even have the choice, they ignore all the women forced to be tradwives. They are fucking idiots.

"Oh I loveeeee men and want to be enslaved by them!! The Handmaid's tale is my wet dream!!! I wish I can have no rights, forced to serve men and forced to give them children!! "

HOW can someone be SO stupid, literally. I can not understand, I sometimes try to rationalize it. Maybe they are college dropouts, don't have job skills, and want someone else to take care of finances because of their own failings. But, they are literally making the situation worse for women forced into the tradwife culture, because when they get abused, the woman is often blamed. "Oh she should have worked".

I'm forced to be a tradwife, and I know I won't enjoy it. I don't get to choose who I marry, what I do, how many kids I want, etc. My family is so conservative, we lived in freaking Saudi Arabia of all places and are thinking of moving back there when my brothers finish high school. I don't want to be pregnant, barefoot, in the kitchen, and being an extension of my husband. I won't have my own life. Im crying typing this, how can women WANT this? They don't realize how scary it is.

Since this is my culture, I've seen what happens to tradwives. They are beat, have bruises greener than the evergreens, pressured to get pregnant, threatened with divorce (the worst because she will be homeless) if she doesn't bear a son, do all the housework, take care of the kids, and quiet. The number one thing I noticed is how quiet they all are. My cousin used to be so loud and extroverted, but a week after marriage, she is so quiet. Every woman in my family has gone quiet. You lose yourself as a person when you get married, you become a part of his life and nothing more. You are a limb.

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That is all.

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There are currently multiple subs including AHS that openly brag about targeting and brigading us.

Though we are an important voice for women’s rights and the future of feminism the double standards of censorship have historically fallen on deaf ears.

If you have a desire for more nuanced, complex or controversial PinkPilled conversations that may break Reddit TOS or trigger our harassers, please move them to Our saidit.

Contributing our voices to Reddit is important advocacy for the worlds Women, yet respect for our site administration is also an important part of our continuing to exist.

Don’t let anyone censor you, but also be aware that satire based sharing of our own personal experiences within Patriarchy can unfortunately have dire consequences.

Happy Posting!

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The stalkers said they were going to target them and they did. The obvious double standard on this platform is so disappointing. I’ve never encountered an openly anti-porn Transperson.

There are much bigger issues happening in the world, yet I lament this site has basically become 4chan light. With harassers that declare themselves yet still have accounts

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Because Misogyny MEME/SATIRE
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The male species LOVES power and oppressing women. Their testosterone causes aggression and they love the power play and created degrading sex moves as "mainstream" through the use of porn.

Blowjobs-> You are literally submitting to a man, getting on your knees like you are praying, and choking yourself out with his dick. That is the most degrading position to be in. Sometimes he will grab you by the back of your head and force you to gag on his dick until you can't breathe/throw up. I have seen some porn vids ( I know its bad and I don't watch them anymore since becoming a feminist) and the girl literally pukes because he grabs our head and fucks it like she isn't a human being, but a toy. Her mouth is a fleshlight. Blowjobs are so disgusting and no woman should subject herself to it.

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