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Stolen from Twitter 💖🔥Magdalen Berns🔥💖
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This is a RADICAL FEMINIST sub and everyone please read and understand the sub rules.

r/trollgc was created as a humour outlet for Radical Feminists and our allies.

Here we have made Space FOR Women to meme, to point out what men say about us, talk about difficult topics with other women, to relax or rant, and to critique those who desire and work for our oppression. Better to laugh than cry sometimes frankly.

If you are NOT a radfem OR interested in radical feminism, then you need to question why you’re up in my radfem sub. I welcome those interested in radical feminism but those that are willing to use us for your own purposes, you can go find another sub cuz we mods see you.

This is Our Radfem Community and as main mod, I’m fiercely protective of this community and my sisters in it.

All mods here are Women, all mods are Radfems. Half the mod team are WoC and we all are Radfems For Life.

Now I’m not going to institute some auto ban protocol. None of that McCarthyism that the cultists are gleefully bringing back will be featured here. But there will be bans handed out more frequently now that we are growing: we will keep troll as a Radical Feminist subreddit.

One of my main tenets when I took over troll was that I would NOT stifle my sisters’ voices. We continue on that premise but we are also going to institute stronger filtering procedures coming up.

That means your memes will not be posted automatically. They will be held in queue for mods to approve. We feel this is less restrictive than other options. I’ll ask for patience and thank you so much for it!

We’ve all heard the rumours abounding. We know reddit is biased (look at mollymollykelkel and her -faced no repercussions for telling a lesbian to “kys” which sounds pretty damn -evil-....All we mods know is that we mod in accordance with Reddits’ TOS and we are feminists.

If the boys with their anger and jealousy come to kick down our sub that we painstakingly and lovingly built, then there’s nothing we can do, alas. Patriarchy works to further itself and crush all dissenting opinions. If a man tells you you can’t talk about something, he’s a tool and a promoter of the patriarchy. We can only hope Reddit Inc is not a tool nor a promoter of such evil.

That is why we continue to fight as Radical Feminists. We fight for Our Rights in our Global oppression. We fight to free our sisters from the cruelties of FGM, our sisters from the injustice of sex selective abortions, the fucking horror of being killed by being observed female at birth, we fight for the Rights of Rape and DV survivors to say “no” to a man, we fight the trap of pornography and the Men who sell babies and little girls and women into sex slavery.

We fight for each other to have freedom, a freedom of our own choosing.

I care deeply for you as humans, as my sisters in this cosmic loop around the sun. I want you to have this space. If they take it away, we will keep the Trollgc Facebook page updated with future plans. Search for Trollgc on Facebook, or click the link below.

Radfems feel free to reach out by modmail.


Dontdoxxme_bro #BlackLivesMatter

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homosexuality is transphobic Transcult are Homophobes
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Stolen from Twitter The Future Is Female
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Someone made this unironically Spotted in the Wild
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