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Fiction made by straight women? News & Entertainment
Submitted by TheWombMan on July 10, 2020, 10:20 a.m. 1 comment

Hi, straight gender critical female here (i hope allies are allowed here?). I am curious whether its ok for a straight woman to write a story with lesbian characters and the reasons? Why is it a good/bad idea? What do you feel reading it? Should we not do it?

Submitted by astroidcomet on July 10, 2020, 8:24 a.m. 2 comments

Just an update with my my first ever date. Very awkward at first because we are complete strangers. We ate dinner. I’d made her laugh with my stories.

She introduced me to her friends (she knew basically everyone on the street). We went to an outdoor bar. Couple of drinks in me, I started talking to everyone and her. Though I spent a lot of time talking to her friends, which was fine. Sure, I would have brief moments alone with her, in between socializing with her friends. But I just really wanted to hold her hand or kiss her, maybe more time alone. And she realize we weren’t hanging out as much.

It’s weird because had fun but idk. My first date ever and I wasn’t sure what to expect. So I have no gage whether it was a good date or bad? I admit I’m slightly shy at first and it was slightly intimidating talking to her friends on our first date

Submitted by SkreebonkTheBeehonk on July 10, 2020, 8:18 a.m. 13 comments

I'm aware that I have 8 other fingers and a tongue but I used my thumbs a lot! What do I do?!

Submitted by DeathByTheGun on July 10, 2020, 5:16 a.m. 6 comments


I was wondering if there are any other middle eastern lesbians on this sub?

Im from Lebanon, originally and currently reside in Jordan.

I want to hear from other lesbians who are of middle eastern descent wether they currently live in the MENA or abroad.

Submitted by Slytherintensity on July 9, 2020, 11:34 p.m. 9 comments

So we've been separated for several years and both moved on and shit but I need to just vent for two seconds to anyone who will listen and maybe not bitch at me about pronouns or trans rights. This is a 3 year outburst in the making please be kind


My ex wife is now a man. She was always trans, but she had pretty severe mental health issues and the doctors said that hormone therapy would only make it worse. 15 years and one baby later.... I decide to try to support her decision to hormonally transition... We were divorced less than a year later. Was it the only reason? Hell no. Was there blame on my side, hell yes. But the whole time my marriage was falling apart and I was losing my best friend I was ALSO watching my best friend turn into a stranger. This... Man... Took my wife's body and mind and everything and it's just gone.

We aren't in contact, he bailed on our kid... It ended badly.... But I looked at some pictures of him tonight and its like a fucking golem made of the clay of my dead wife. I hope he's happy but I feel like he murdered her. I carry her name on me still in tattoo. I always will. Cause the person I fought with and fucked with and lived with and made a baby with is dead and he's happier for it.

I'm melodramatic and sobbing right now for old hurts. I'm honestly in a better relationship now and healthier. My ex wife and I were both damaged children who couldn't learn to help ourselves. Now I'm a partner and a mother and overall happier. I just need to vent.

Submitted by OfLittleGrease on July 9, 2020, 8:08 p.m. 1 comment
Submitted by watermelongrapes on July 9, 2020, 4:01 p.m. 3 comments
Submitted by ttvelvet on July 9, 2020, 3:53 p.m. 4 comments

So how come Halle Berry has to back out of a movie role and apologize publicly for wanting to play a ftm... but absolutely anyone can play a lesbian? I swear, the power of the cult is real. She actually apologised. Uh, sorry for wanting to portray someone from your community you ungrateful manchildren.

Submitted by watermelonkiwi on July 9, 2020, 3:06 p.m. 1 comment
Submitted by dykelyfe666 on July 9, 2020, 2:23 p.m. 53 comments

The pandemic has really made me rethink shaving. It started out as "well I'm not leaving the house much so why bother" and now a few months in I haven't touched my razor and I have to say it feels kinda...great.

I've shaved since I was 13 and always thought my body hair was disgusting. My skin is really pale and I have some hormonal issues so my my body hair is pretty dark in comparison. Shaving always gave me terrible ingrowns even after using a scrub and using fresh razors only but I kept doing it because honestly I was afraid of the judgement.

My partner who is more butch has never shaved and I thought nothing of it but if I think about it, all of my past girlfriends who were also butch all shaved! I notice most women on the no shave bandwagon only leave their armpit hair and still have smooth legs...it seems to be more for fashion than a lifestyle choice.

It was 90 degrees today and I was about to put on long pants to walk the dog but I decided FUCK IT and wore shorts. Nothing bad happened and I felt cool and comfortable. Beauty standards are such a mindfuck.

If the world ever goes back to normal and I wear a skirt again I will probably wax...but there is something insidious about never knowing/feeling/seeing your body as a woman without alteration. Not to mention the time/money/waste/injury and infection risk that goes into constant shaving.

I felt the same way when I stopped dying and straightening my hair and stopped wearing makeup daily. I used to think when I was in my teens/20's that my clothing/makeup/hair was what made me "me" but now I see what a crock of shit that is. Now my skin looks better and my hair has never been healthier or more beautiful. Every year I get older I get closer to myself and it's truly liberating.

Submitted by 0c3v on July 9, 2020, 2 p.m. 98 comments

Hey all,

Basically reposting from another subreddit, as I figured this one was actually active so it would be of more help. Anyways.

I was wondering if you guys have had any experience or tips in dating within the gay/lesbian community (while holding political views that differ from the “norm”). Personally, one girl that I've dated has stopped associating herself with me after she learned of my support for the Republican party, and another agreed to go on a date with me, and then left early after a discussion we held about abortion (that she brought up). That one hurt more, as we had talked a lot beforehand, and I thought the date was going smoothly.

I live in a very liberal town, and ironically, acceptance of being gay is easier to come by than acceptance of someone who isn't a strongly left-leaning Democrat. Sucks sometimes.

For those that may be in a similar situation, how has finding girls to date/sustaining these relationships gone? Do you just keep your political thoughts hidden? Do you only date other conservatives?

Thanks to all.

TL;DR I don’t mind dating liberal girls, but they don’t like dating me.

Submitted by ttvelvet on July 9, 2020, 11:31 a.m. 15 comments

If you know any please post below... with all the lesbian accounts being overrun these days, let’s name some that are true lesbians.

Submitted by human_char on July 9, 2020, 11:23 a.m. 7 comments

Hi all,

I was hoping to get some advice/stories/anecdotes about introducing new relationships after divorce to kids, from a lesbian perspective. My (31) girlfriend (35) is divorced and has 3 kids (8, 6, 2). She and her ex told the kids about the divorce at the end of April (it had been in the works long before that), and my girlfriend moved out at the end of May. They're currently splitting custody of the kids. We're trying to figure out when to tell the kids that she and I are dating. I've hung out with them on a few separate occasions so far (before and after the kids knew about the divorce), including spending a week on vacation with them and their aunt, and they know me as Mommy and Auntie's friend. They like me and enjoy spending time with me, but we're trying to figure out how to make the transition to being 'out' as dating with them.

She and I are very serious; I'm going to move in in the fall and she's definitely the woman I'm going to marry. We want to make sure we handle this well with telling the kids. I've been trying to google, but it's a little bit of a different situation since I've already met them and they already know and like me. So I'm not a totally new person coming into their lives. Plus being lesbians adds a different angle to it too. I'd love any tips or stories you might have!

Submitted by spinkerandthenra on July 9, 2020, 10:50 a.m. 27 comments

Hello everyone, I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I don't have many people to talk to about this issue. A few weeks ago, my LDR girlfriend broke up with me, saying she found out she was actually straight. This broke me, as I've gone through hell with my family as a result of the relationship, so much so that I even ended up moving house, and I truly, deeply cared about her. I suppose it was naive of me to think I'd found The One at 19, but we felt different. We both always had trouble finding friends, and we just clicked (best friends for 3 years before dating). Back to the issue, when I moved house, our relationship soared...for about 2 weeks, then she asked for an intimacy break, and a week later broke things off completely.

I, naturally, got upset and angry and didn't know what to do. I never expected my worst fear to come true, so I didn't handle it well at all. She offered to give me space but I declined, completely distraught. A week later, I couldn't handle it anymore, her pretending everything was back to normal and acting like "we" had never happened was too painful to bear while I was still putting my heart back together and trying to figure out what my plans for the future were. So I told her that and asked for that space she offered, and she got angry with me. I didn't reply to her, I didn't know how, and ended up not replying for 2 weeks because I just wanted time for the pain to go away, and when I came back, she said that me leaving hurt her. During those weeks, I found out that the reason she changed her mind is that she believed watching porn to be the source of her homosexual feelings, so when she stopped, her feelings for me did too. I never knew this was the sole reason, otherwise I would've considered it a giant red flag.

Today, we're still friends, (I think both of us hold onto it because of the 5 years of history and how well we used to get along) but I can't get over this upset and anger. We still have fun together sometimes, but it seems like she expects me to act like I used to, spending all my free time with her and doing whatever she wants to do without thinking of myself. I know I'm better off in the long run without the relationship, we both are, but I keep getting told that keeping up the friendship is unhealthy. I also get unreasonably angry or annoyed at a lot of things now, both emotions I hate. She and her views have changed so much since we broke up, sometimes it feels like talking to a totally different person. We're on opposite ends of just about everything now, and that irritates me sometimes because of just how intense her views have become in comparison to who she used to be. (I'm glad if they make her happy, but still.)

What do I do? How do I get over the remaining feelings of hurt and anger? How do I just treat her like a casual friend and make it clear to her without hurting her feelings that I cannot offer as much of my time as I used to? How do I stop feeling bad about that? How can I stop being angry at her for changing so much?

TL;DR: girlfriend of 2 years and best friend of 5 decided she was straight and is now a very different person. How do I get over the pain and anger and just treat her like a normal friend?

Any advice is appreciated.

Homosexuality "now sometimes offensive" Politics & Controversial
Submitted by gayfool23 on July 9, 2020, 9:16 a.m. 98 comments
Submitted by SearchLightsInc on July 9, 2020, 5:11 a.m. 36 comments

"She was a young, 20 something high-powered law firm partner who graduated with a PHD from Yale university 3 years before she was at a typical graduate age. Her partner, an incredibly successful arts dealer who had travelled the world and owns at least 2 yachts lived a life of luxury. On one fateful night their worlds collided - will their money and success be an issue with them getting together? Find out in this truly fictional tale of 2D characters unable to navigate the world of dating. "

"She was a top investment banker and had no time for anyone and anything but through most of this book she will spend 80% of it NOT working and she will only be respected by the people around her who are overly invested in her love life because her parents died when she was 5 years old and she grew up in money having the best education you could buy and being looked after by nannies and adults who always treated her like the top investment banker she always was destined to be"

"She was a leader of a tribe and is still holding onto something terrible that happened 200 years ago - She hasn't lived a full life since, that is until she meets a very average and slightly annoying character who instantly falls for her brooding manner despite her coming on so so strong and lacking a sense of humour - Alas, the pain from her very very distant pass makes her push and pull this very average character away who doesnt have any sense of herself and only exists to be fallen in love with - How will she overcome something that happened so damn long ago!?"

Going out to browse for books later. Give me your best lesbian fiction/romance stories! Even if "the best" is just less terrible than what's usually on the market! Also... Give me your most unrealistic, laughable and annoying story lines!

Submitted by yourdadprobablyy on July 8, 2020, 11:34 p.m.

She is super funny and talented, and she asked me to set her up with someone she can talk to often and have a good connection with.

Some things about her:

  • She is a 16-year-old American female.
  • She is pretty dang attractive, i'm not gonna lie. She's tall and around 115 pounds with lots of freckles. She also wears cool clothes.
  • She is very intelligent and imaginative and enjoys having in-depth conversations; the kind of conversations where you just get lost in time
  • She is the most naturally talented person I've ever met. She is so good at guitar (and I mean really good), piano, and every sport that she has ever been a part of (soccer, track, basketball, ect.). I think this is her most impressive quality. She is just able to put herself in the right mindset to flourish instantly.
  • She is very passionate about the things she loves. This includes her dogs, running, guitar, hiking, and cars

I truly think she would just enjoy someone to be close to in general, but some things that I believe she would be interested in is:

  • Someone who likes to laugh
  • Someone who can listen and be genuine, as well as understanding
  • Someone who suffers/suffered with depression who she could be able to relate to and confide in
  • Someone who can be patient, but persistent and caring

If you are a female under the age of 18 and you think you would like to connect with a beautiful and bright girl, dm me and I can set you guys up.

Lesbian discord? Chit-Chat
Submitted by potelti on July 8, 2020, 9:46 p.m. 3 comments

Does anyone know of a lesbian specific discord I can join? I really need lesbian friends :(

What is marriage to you? Serious Discussion
Submitted by Ladonnacinica on July 8, 2020, 8:20 p.m. 16 comments

I’m asking this because when marriage is spoken about in many circles, usually straight women, they all described it in very superficial terms.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not diminishing straight women or people but when marriage is brought up, my experience has been that straight women say the following:

1) Marriage is a religious union of between people

2) it’s a celebration of two people who love each other

3) a commitment to your partner

Now while this might all be true. I find it hollow. Gay people were denied the right to gay marriage. We had commitment ceremonies but it had no legal validity. No protection or recognition of the couple under the law. The celebration of love and commitment was the same and just as strong. But our unions weren’t accepted until 2015.

For me, marriage is about love and commitment. But it’s also about a legal recognition of your partnership. A contract that legalizes your union under the law and provides many benefits and protection to you and your wife. In this life and in death.

Do I have a very utilitarian view on marriage? What does being married mean to you? And why did you get married?

What's your opinion on drag? Politics & Controversial
Submitted by lmaonope333 on July 8, 2020, 8:11 p.m. 63 comments
Submitted by hamingo on July 8, 2020, 8:07 p.m. 8 comments
Submitted by ginchanaru on July 8, 2020, 7:59 p.m. 1 comment

Hi i finally turned 17 & i still dont have a girlfriend so ive been indulging in re reading some of my favorite yuri manga & ah...nothing beats kase san i was wondering if anyone has any cute stories of you falling in love with a girl or anything cute like that !

Friends? Chit-Chat
Submitted by A_WildBri on July 8, 2020, 7:23 p.m.

Recently discovered I’m a Lesbian (have been out as bi for years now) looking for some new Lesbian friends😊

Submitted by astroidcomet on July 8, 2020, 4:43 p.m. 4 comments

So tomorrow is the big day. I’m so nervous. I really want everything to go right. I wish I was a little calm and collected. And tips?

Lesbian rep in TLOU2 Fun & Games
Submitted by KeeperoftheSeeds on July 8, 2020, 4:09 p.m. 16 comments

Anyone here play through The Last of Us part 2 yet? I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I ended up loving Ellie’s portrayal. The actress did a fantastic job voicing her. Ellie and Dina’s life on the farm that we got to see was so lovely and everything I didn’t know I wanted. I look forward to hopefully lots of fanfic of this time period from fans as well.

It was so lovely to see a lesbian character in a long term relationship, being happy and caring for each other and them being loving and physical together. And with a baby too! It also felt rare to see a lesbian/bi woman relationship. One that characters all treated as legitimate and normal. Neither Ellie or Dina were even put down for their choosing each other.

Submitted by Lemortjoyeux on July 8, 2020, 2:52 p.m. 28 comments

Growing up there was this idea that men are the providers and protectors. That they deal with the male things like negotiating with the car salesman or repair the broken pipes. When I realised I was a lesbian I thought "now I have to be able to do everything a man does because there will never be a man to do those things for me".

This sort of messed me up for a long time because I felt I couldn't even be emotional because that's a weak female trait and I needed to be strong and stoic. Some stereotypically male stuff I do like doing. Like I love carpentry and fixing things but as I sort of grew out of these dumb ideas I realised that I really hate a lot of it. For example, I work in software development and there's this sexist idea that men are smart so they do the back end, math, and logic stuff. Women do the front end and aesthetics. I always felt that I wouldn't be taken seriously and wouldn't be a good provider unless I did back end. I actually prefer doing front end and have so much fun doing it but always felt I had to do the male thing to prove to myself that I can do it.

Men also do this thing where they challenge your knowledge and decisions as a sort of dominance thing. They want to see if you push back and will respect you when you do. I always played this dumb game but now I realise I hate it and don't want to play anymore. I don't need to justify myself.

I also realised I hate being seen as "one of the guys". I'm really not. Being lesbian doesn't make me more male than another straight woman. I always hear, "oh but with you it's different" and used to think I was not like the other girls. I'm like every woman and I'm done pretending I'm not.

Submitted by Lettucebean on July 8, 2020, 11:20 a.m. 12 comments

I just feel so alone, and fucking tired of living with my homophobic dad. I hate being thirty and not being able to support myself. I'm a failure.

I have not one single person in my life that I can confide in, and I just want to cry.

I want to get the hell out of here, make friends I can be myself with, and date. I just can't make it happen right now, and the anxiety from being trapped is weighing me down.

Submitted by welcometotheyeet on July 8, 2020, 10:41 a.m. 23 comments

ive only dated two guys in my life, im only 15, but both times they liked me a lot more than i liked them and i think i just led them on.

i felt bad about it but i also just assumed that thats what a relationship is... liking one dude more than i like the rest of them so i "date them" until we fight about something and break up. i feel like i was just going through the motions because thats what lots of kids do.

ive always known that im not 100% straight but now im thinking how obvious it should have been to me that i will just never have deep feeling for a boy.

the "real" crushes ive had on girls are so amazingly different from anything ive ever felt, that i didnt even consider that feeling to be a romantic attraction but just a deep personal connection or something.

knowing that that feeling is what i should be pursuing makes me so excited to feel that way toward a girl again and be in a good relationship some day, not like what i was in before

Submitted by Tajna_engryfejs on July 8, 2020, 8:22 a.m. 17 comments

I got them this week and i love it 😄

Feel free to comment about your fav hairstyle if you want 🙂

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Submitted by BraveAndStunningTERF on July 8, 2020, 6:22 a.m. 1 comment

Im super insecure, I know that terfs arent exactly welcomed in all spaces right now and that's because we are women with functioning brains that tend to draw their own conclusions in life and that can be a huge turn off in the community, i do try and tone down my intelligence for others, i act a little bit ditsy so im less intimidating to others but a lot of the time, when i make the mistake of having an opinion on something other than hair and nails shit can really hit the fan.

But ive heard this is a place were terfs are accepted and i was just wondering, aside from making a dress go spinny, do you accept women who make brains go thinky?

gay sounds


Submitted by anniemind on July 8, 2020, 4:31 a.m. 10 comments

i dont even know why tops and bottoms matter but since its actually A THING i wanted to understand so if any of you could help i would be so grateful:D i honestly prefer being dominant in bed or even while kissing but i never initiate anything with girls..if they dont kiss me or touch me first i can never do that even if i want to.even when i know they are totally down to kiss me or anything i just sit there and wait for them to at least lean towards me lol:D thats why i feel like im not really a TOP but im also sure im not a bottom so maybe im switch?+i prefer giving more but recieving is also cool:D i feel like maybe im just not confident enough?could be that.i just like to be sure that they actually want to do stuff with me so i wont feel like i made them do something:D

Submitted by LiquidCryptic on July 7, 2020, 7:11 p.m. 4 comments

Here me out, regardless of your beliefs we want a space that priorities women. One of the things I love about this sub is not feeling attacked for the sex at birth I am attracted too. I know that we are not a hateful sub. We have created a space because the LGBT subreddits have kicked us out for our sexual and genital preferences. So I think we should get it in writing what our sub stands for.

Also we should document all the harassment we face in other subs for our sexual and genital preferences.

I get there are two sides some on the extreme and others not. But what we don't talk about is the exclusion we face as lesbians. I want us to come together on a written document.

Not all of us have majored in women's and genders studies. Not all subreddits have to be woke. Not being woke does not equal bigotry. The real bigotry is the entitlement to our bodies in the name of wokeness. My sexuality and genital preference, my consent, is not and will never will be spared for the comfort of someone else to generate woke points.

What grinds my gears the most is I just want to like pussy in peace but I have to constantly be reminded that some women don't have pussies. Well I am genuinely sorry. But that does not make me transphobic or anti.

To my trans brothers and sisters, this "terf" has stood by your side and marched in the streets with you. I am aware that black trans women are the highest demographic to be murdered. I believe in your rights.

I'll start the document by:

Dear Reddit,

We are not a hate group. We serve a population of cisistas born women who also love cissista born women. Our sexual and genital preferences for assigned female at birth are not transphobic.

Be careful! Important
Submitted by the_last_fool0385 on July 7, 2020, 1:11 p.m. 124 comments

Every other exclusively women and lesbian related sub is being targeted in AHS. They've made several lists with subreddits and their user counts so that they can report it to the mods to get them banned on the next ban wave. Truelesbians along some others that went private have a target now because it has 15K subs and is declared as "a space created by lesbians, for lesbians and one of the only lesbians spaces for lesbians".

Also, other small 1-5K subs are being targeted, even if they are in no means being *****phobic. To them, if you dare disagree with anything from their point of view it is considered as "promoting hate". Also, it's because they don't accept the concept of subs that are created and focused only on women or lesbians because to them "they're not inclusive". So don't find it surprising if the same that happened to GC happens here.

Submitted by lmaonope333 on July 7, 2020, 12:17 p.m. 18 comments

I feel like TRA has overtaken this city's LGBT communities. I'm butch 4 butch but all the butches here are nonbinary. ugh

What are examples of sex-based rights? Politics & Controversial
Submitted by Annenbrook on July 7, 2020, 11:21 a.m. 20 comments

I've been reading a few articles on gender-scepticism to try and see the other side on the subject. Just a little heads up I'm a cis lesbian and to me gender is real but I would like to understand both sides a little better to see where there might be common ground. I think the topic definitely relates to being lesbian because to me it is a matter of broadening or limiting the term but if this post is still considered a violation of community rules about posts solely pertaining to lesbian matters I understand. If you have subs to point me to that might be a better place to post my question I would be very grateful.

So here goes. One argument that I've seen very often is that acknowledging gender in addition to sex is that said acknowledgement would - as far as I've understood- erase sex altogether and thus 'sex-based' rights, especially for women. A very pervasive fear seems (to me) to be that in order to infringe on those rights cis men (as far as I understand those making this argument sometimes claim that this isn't about trans people but cis men exclusively sometimes it seems to be about both) could seek to transition in order to take these exclusive rights away from women. So I've wondered what these rights might be to understand where this might take effect. I understand to some degree where the fear of cis guys trying to take away our rights comes from but I've so far not been able to see where trans women would be culpable in this. And to understand this I think being able to name and identify those rights would help a lot.

Submitted by hancocklovedthat on July 7, 2020, 10:35 a.m. 45 comments

About a month or two ago, I had asked in a post as to whether or not the subreddit /r/comphet was dead... after a lot of consideration and support, and finally getting my request instated, I have become the new moderator!

I don't know if this type of post is necessarily allowed, but a lot of my support came from y'all out this way, so I thought I would go ahead and share the good news!

Submitted by neverthrownaway777 on July 7, 2020, 9:52 a.m. 128 comments

Didn't include stems or more options because of the poll limit, was just wondering what the members here find attractive based on how they present themselves. If you present as neither femme or butch feel free to comment your preferences below.

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Submitted by lesbruja on July 7, 2020, 8:55 a.m. 93 comments
Submitted by MandoLakes on July 7, 2020, 7:58 a.m. 53 comments
Submitted by lrpntk on July 7, 2020, 4:36 a.m. 3 comments

I just had an argument with a person who kept insisting that this one straight actress is a top, which is cringy in itself because they're literally talking about the sex life of a real person, but anyways. I corrected her and said that top/bottom is gay terminology. She instantly asked me if I was a terf and said that straight women can be dominant too. I replied yeah, but that doesn't make them tops. I asked her if she thinks it's okay that straight people call themselves gay terms. She never answered my question and kept asking me if I was a terf, lmao. Ultimately, she claimed that I have to work through some internalized homophobia. I replied that this is kinda ironic because I'm literally defending the gay community. She then deleted my comments and blocked me, lol. Just to clarify, I don't really care about these terms and don't even think they make much sense in regards to lesbians, but it annoys me so much that you can't define anything without being called an evil gatekeeping terf. What does this have to do with trans people anyway? These are the same women who also call themselves d*kes despite the fact that they have a boyfriend

Submitted by MyPronounIsTERF on July 7, 2020, 1:24 a.m. 30 comments

I’ve just started making online dating profiles to sort of dip my toes into that territory. I’d been curious for a while, but I still freeze up initially at the thought of chatting with someone in that context.

I know there’s the couples, the trans, and the just outright straight guys mixed in there, but does anyone have any warnings or tips for me? Anything you think I should know about the different communities?

I Came Out On Facebook! Family & Relationships
Submitted by Mad_Fem_Lesbian on July 6, 2020, 7:45 p.m. 9 comments

I saw a really annoying anti lesbian tweet and I just couldn't hold my silence anymore. I wanted to be able to express myself on Twitter (I have some family on there) about lesbian related stuff openly. I realized the only way I could do that was to come out.

So, I came out on Twitter first and then to family and friends on Facebook.

I feel kind of bad for not telling my parents and my sister (I live with them) in person first, but I'm just glad that I finally came out!

I'm 28 and I've been thinking about coming out since I was 23. I never felt like any time was right and I was just never sure on how to say it. I actually talked to my therapist last year about my anxiety related to coming out. I didn't think it would be such an impulsive decision.

I feel this weird anxiety despite getting positivity from everyone so far. It feels so strange, but freeing at the same time!

Submitted by astroidcomet on July 6, 2020, 3:20 p.m. 10 comments

So I have a date with a girl soon. I drunk texted her saying I’m excited for our date and she’s pretty.

I can’t believe I was bold enough for that. I literally was so embarrassed the next day. I wanted to throw my phone out the window

Submitted by peachesnapples223 on July 6, 2020, 2:54 p.m. 22 comments

I came out in February and I love my girlfriend aLOT. I’ve known her for several years now. Dating for 1. I really do love her. She’s been dealing with aLOT of stuff and it’s really wearing on me. We haven’t had sex in over a month, it’s like she’s not even interested even if I try. She’s on antidepressants so I’m sure it’s mostly that. She also struggles with anxiety due to all that’s going on in her life. She has a baby and is in the middle of a divorce. Everyone she knows who knows about “us” LOVES me and I love them. I just was kind of hoping it would be slightly more... idk? Exciting? As a baby lesbian? Like kinda more fun and not like pulling teeth just to see her due to her struggling? She asks why am I with her, and why I love her and I just say I just love her and know what she’s capable of and I don’t want to lose her but at the same time it’s wearing me down a LOT. It just hurts sometimes to see her struggle and sometimes she won’t even talk to me about it. I initiate or reach out nearly every day and i feel little to no reciprocation. I really do love her and she knows it. It’s just.... do I keep fighting? I don’t want to give up but I also know my mental health is taking a toll as I watch the woman I love hurting and can’t fix it.