Hello, I've been thinking about the recent bans and I want to protect us. I want to keep r/truelesbians up and running. So we should consider making a joint statement

Rant Submitted July 7, 2020, 6:22 p.m. by nevadasmittens

Here me out, regardless of your beliefs we want a space that priorities women. One of the things I love about this sub is not feeling attacked for the sex at birth I am attracted too. I know that we are not a hateful sub. We have created a space because the LGBT subreddits have kicked us out for our sexual and genital preferences. So I think we should get it in writing what our sub stands for.

Also we should document all the harassment we face in other subs for our sexual and genital preferences.

I get there are two sides some on the extreme and others not. But what we don't talk about is the exclusion we face as lesbians. I want us to come together on a written document.

Not all of us have majored in women's and genders studies. Not all subreddits have to be woke. Not being woke does not equal bigotry. The real bigotry is the entitlement to our bodies in the name of wokeness. My sexuality and genital preference, my consent, is not and will never will be spared for the comfort of someone else to generate woke points.

What grinds my gears the most is I just want to like pussy in peace but I have to constantly be reminded that some women don't have pussies. Well I am genuinely sorry. But that does not make me transphobic or anti.

To my trans brothers and sisters, this "terf" has stood by your side and marched in the streets with you. I am aware that black trans women are the highest demographic to be murdered. I believe in your rights.

I'll start the document by:

Dear Reddit,

We are not a hate group. We serve a population of cisistas born women who also love cissista born women. Our sexual and genital preferences for assigned female at birth are not transphobic.

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